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Moving history forward

Harold Burnham’s passion for wooden boats keeps a tradition alive - The craft and culture of building and sailing traditional wooden boats is embedded in the life and work of ... more

‘If I die, just throw me over the side’

Cornelis “Conny” van Rietschoten, the “Flying Dutchman,” was the sole skipper to win the Whitbread Round the World Race twice. He also transformed around-the-world racing ... more

The Stepped hull equation

Increased speed and efficiency are helping fuel the popularity of stepped-bottom boats - The next time you’re at a boat show, you might be surprised by the number of boats ... more

Leaving the comfort zone

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at 49, Bob Preston is doing his best to not let it take away his lifestyle … or his boat - Damn the torpedoes. Press on, ... more

A tuna, an old fish tag and the captain behind it all

“You see ’em?” asked Capt. Russ Benn, pointing at the slick-calm surface. I almost jumped out of my deck boots at the sight of at least a dozen large shadows, ... more

"Union Island Fishing Boats," acrylic painting by Brechin Morgan

In 1998, 51-year-old artist and sign painter Brechin Morgan set out from Block Island, R.I., to circumnavigate the globe in his 27-foot Pacific Seacraft cutter, Otter. Almost five years later, ... more
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To the Stream, a crude raft, desperate dreams

We were just a few miles into a 23-mile run to the Gulf Stream for a night of swordfishing when we spotted something to starboard bobbing in the sloppy 2- to 3-foot seas. A good-size piece of flotsam, we thought. A perfect fish attractor.


Sea Savvy

Don’t put blind faith in the magenta line

If you’re familiar with the various East Coast intracoastal waterways, you’re familiar with the magenta line. It’s been snaking around for many years on charts of various areas to (hopefully)...




Onboard dentristy?

- The next time you find yourself spending some quality time in your engine room we suggest you do...


Used Boat Review

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Pacemaker Alglas 31

The Essex (Conn.) Boat Club consists of a small clubhouse, a launch ramp and picnic tables set along one of the more beautiful stretches of...


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Back to the drawing board: Design flaws I’ve noted

Most boats have intelligent ideas worth noting, along with areas that need a little more thinking through. It’s rare to see a boat that gets it all right — or...


New Boats

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Back Cove 41

The Back Cove 41, the latest and largest in the Maine builder’s single-diesel Down East express fleet, should excel as a platform “for couples who want to get into some serious cruising,” says Bentley Collins, vice president of sales and...


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