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Sand Wars: Raiding The Sea To Rebuild The Beach

New Jersey anglers are challenging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers over a beach renourishment plan, the latest battle in what has become a worldwide dispute about the use of ... more

Bringing Yankee Back To Life

The storied schooner Yankee was built by the Dutch government in 1897 as Loodschooner 4, a robust vessel that could go out in all kinds of weather and pilot ships ... more

Bertram Reborn

It was 7:45 a.m., and Peter Truslow, the new CEO of Bertram Yachts, was already at his desk in the company’s 120,000-square-foot Tampa Bay, Florida, waterfront yard. ... more

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Making the most of it

- It’s hard not to love autumn, especially if you live in the Northeast. The fall air is crisply cool and tinged with the scent of wood smoke, but it’s still warm enough to sleep with a window cracked. -


Sea Savvy

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Will the circle be unbroken? An ode to a log canoe

She was a log canoe, and I found her lying on the shore of the marsh after a hurricane. It’d been a really bad storm, and she was washed far...


Tip of the Week


DIY Tip On Hoses

- One thing most boats have is plenty of hoses of one kind or another. You know, like, water...


Used Boat Review

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Used Boat Review: Padebco V23.6

Part of buying a used boat is understanding who built it. A production builder can offer a fleet of boat types — center consoles, walkarounds,...


On Powerboats

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Look closer: The Williams 38 is not what you might think

Press material for the Williams 38 refers to this newest model from John Williams Boat Co. as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” If you saw her tied up in a...


New Boats

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Launched: Tiara 53 Coupe

Tiara debuted the 50 Coupe three years ago as the first in a fleet of sport yachts. This summer, the builder splashed the next generation of that yacht: the 53 Coupe. -


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