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Double duty: new dual consoles will please fishermen and families

There aren’t many small and midsize boats that have more seating or a better deck design for dayboating than the dual console. ... more

Hokule’a Is More Than Just An Ocean Voyaging Canoe

Thor Heyerdahl had it all wrong. A Hawaiian ocean voyaging canoe is proving it by sailing around the world to demonstrate the art, science and genius of traditional Polynesian navigation ... more

Real life, not work: sailing Guildive

There are two deeply evocative moments aboard the classic William Hand-designed motorsailer Guildive. ... more

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Good choices

- It’s been an odd summer. I had planned to spend a few months working from Matinicus Island, Maine, but fate intervened with other less-pleasant notions. It happens, and I recognize that I’ve reached an age where it’s likely to happen more often. -...


Sea Savvy

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Camachee Cove: the making of a marina

I went to a birthday party a few months ago. Many good friends were there; most were old friends, and most were boaters. As I sipped a draft, the ambience...


Tip of the Week


Super Bonding Power

- In addition to her fiberglass laminates, it’s surprising how many different kinds of plastics you’ll find on board...


Used Boat Review

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Used Boat Review: Ranger Tugs R-29

When you cruise north from Florida on the ICW, traverse Chesapeake Bay, pass the Jersey coast en route to the Hudson River, follow the Erie...


On Powerboats

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Dynamic instability: It’s as bad as it sounds

If you’ve ever been around the class of racing boats known as speed skiffs, developed along the New Jersey shore, you know that you can hear them coming long before...


New Boats

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Launched: Back Cove 32

Back Cove Yachts has added a sixth boat to its fleet of Down East cruisers. The Back Cove 32 bridges the gap between the 30 and 34. The Rockland, Maine, company also builds two 37-foot models and a 41-footer. -...


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