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Nordic Tug 44: A Winning Platform For Adventure Near And Far

If you visit Maine by boat, you’re apt to tie up somewhere and try a lobster roll. ... more

More Bang, Less Bucks: Chart Plotter/Sounder Combos

You can spend thousands of dollars — even tens of thousands — on marine electronics, but what if you want a big-screen chart plotter/sounder that’s easier on your wallet? ... more

40 Years Of A Wild Idea

For years I’d wanted to make the trek to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. ... more

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Vive la différence!

- An escape plan is a natural temptation in a political climate that’s as rancorous and divisive as ours has lately become (not that I’ve ever needed any kind of excuse). -


Sea Savvy

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Will the circle be unbroken? An ode to a log canoe

She was a log canoe, and I found her lying on the shore of the marsh after a hurricane. It’d been a really bad storm, and she was washed far...


Tip of the Week


The wonders of packing tape

- For years, we’ve used Saran Wrap as a quick-release film for projects involving epoxy, polyesters, and other chemical...


Used Boat Review

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Used Boat Review: Nordic Tug 26

Several years ago Peter Jenkin and Nancy Miller, who are married lifelong sailors, starting thinking about a powerboat. “Our bodies were telling us that it...


On Powerboats

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Look closer: The Williams 38 is not what you might think

Press material for the Williams 38 refers to this newest model from John Williams Boat Co. as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” If you saw her tied up in a...


New Boats

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Launched: Aspen C120

Chris Wyman’s 40-foot Aspen C120 power cat gets 1.5 nmpg at 17 knots. Wyman, a former trawler owner who lives in Seattle, says the speed and efficiency puts destinations as far south as Olympia, Washington, or as far north as...

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