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Sea mysteries, part II: The disappearances of Niña and Baychimo

In the Tasman Sea, where muscular westerlies blowing unimpeded across the Southern Ocean pile up towering waves and ride the vortex of savage storms, yachts are swallowed with disturbing regularity, ... more

(R)Evolutionary electronics

Marine radar just got a whole lot better. Raymarine, Garmin, Simrad and Furuno have introduced new solid-state systems that give you the power — and confidence — to extend your ... more

A fine-art fix for a floating masterpiece

Two winters ago, on a family cruise through the West Indies, Kirsten Scott poked her head out of the cabin of the sloop Eleda and spotted another classic wooden sloop ... more

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Salty dogs

- I can’t claim that Heck and Samba are naturally salty dogs. When I moved the three of us aboard a boat more than a decade ago, they went willingly because they were always up for an adventure — it is a hallmark of...


Sea Savvy

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How not to do it with diesel engines

Just about every time you pick up a boating magazine you read about “how to do” any number of repairs. These articles are great at instilling self-confidence. But I’m going...


Tip of the Week

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A Cool, Multifaceted Tool

- Maybe you’re going to think this tip is overly basic but, even if that be the case, we...


Used Boat Review

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Used Boat Review: Mariner deadrise

Bob Saunders’ boat is what you might call a “real museum piece.” In the early 2000s, The Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, Virginia, in keeping...


On Powerboats

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Dynamic instability: It’s as bad as it sounds

If you’ve ever been around the class of racing boats known as speed skiffs, developed along the New Jersey shore, you know that you can hear them coming long before...


New Boats

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Bertram 58 Convertible

Bertram Yachts will follow its new 35 with a 58-foot convertible, scheduled to begin construction in June and launch in late 2017. -


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