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Finally Found: The Ships Of A Doomed Arctic Expedition

Listening to the locals and thinking creatively. That’s how Adrian Schimnowski and his crew found HMS Terror, one of two ships that went missing in 1848 with all 129 crewmembers ... more

54 Days Of Rain: A Cruise Through Southern Chile

This is what the sailing directions said for Cabo Tres Montes to Estrecho de Magallanes, Chile, including the Patagonian channels: “The prevailing wind is from the north and sometimes blows ... more

Sun, Sand, Mojitos And New Boats

Weather experts say frequent storms across the Northeast may lead to an above-normal snowfall for the season and extend winter into midspring. Just what you wanted to hear, right? ... more

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Vive la différence!

- An escape plan is a natural temptation in a political climate that’s as rancorous and divisive as ours has lately become (not that I’ve ever needed any kind of excuse). -


Sea Savvy

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Will the circle be unbroken? An ode to a log canoe

She was a log canoe, and I found her lying on the shore of the marsh after a hurricane. It’d been a really bad storm, and she was washed far...


Tip of the Week


The wonders of packing tape

- For years, we’ve used Saran Wrap as a quick-release film for projects involving epoxy, polyesters, and other chemical...


Used Boat Review

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Used Boat Review: Tiara 3100 Open

“I must have been 14 years old,” recalls Eric Uscinski. “I had a cousin in Delaware City. I spent a few summers down there. He...


On Powerboats

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Look closer: The Williams 38 is not what you might think

Press material for the Williams 38 refers to this newest model from John Williams Boat Co. as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” If you saw her tied up in a...


New Boats

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Launched: Albemarle 29 Express

North Carolina builder Albemarle Boats has introduced its third outboard model — the 29 Express. “Today’s center consoles are great, but they’re not for everybody,” says Ted Haigler, the company’s director of sales and marketing. “Some people get tired of...

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