Feature Story

Greenline 36 Hybrid: An Eco-Friendly Performer

Powerboating with minimal environmental impact — that’s what Greenline is all about. ... more

Small Boats, Big Fun, No Fuss

Whether she’s sashaying around a mooring ball, tugging on her lines at the slip or resting her quarters on a trailer, a small boat can be your best friend. ... more

At Fortier Boats, Tradition Thrives

Rod Fortier, owner of Fortier Boats in Somerset, Massachusetts, is a let’s-get-down-to-business kind of guy. He doesn’t much like to be interviewed, and he refuses to be photographed. His father, ... more

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Unstoppable spring

- Is it a bright, cold day in April? Hang in there. The days are lengthening, and the tepid sunshine of winter’s fraudulent orange orb will soon be replaced by real warmth. Spring is almost here, and we eagerly scout the frozen tundra for...


Sea Savvy

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Down and dirty in the engine room

Where do they find those guys with the clean fingernails? You’ve seen them; they always show up in the technical manuals. And why are their clothes so fresh? And where...


Tip of the Week


Sharks bite?

- Boats of a certain vintage are often equipped with original freshwater systems composed of so-called Qest fittings and...


Used Boat Review

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VIDEO: Back Cove Yachts

A look at Back Cove Yachts: -


On Powerboats

MJM 35z: Technology and a touch of tradition

Simple designs captivate us quickly and hold our affection for a long period of time. A concert of perfect lines forming perfect shapes in perfect harmony appeals to our sense...


New Boats

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Scout adds to its center console fleet

Scout’s new 380 LXF bridges the gap between the 350 LXF and the 420 LXF in the builder’s fleet of sportfishing center consoles. In addition to fishing offshore, the 380 LXF is ideal for outings with friends and family. -...

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