Feature Story

Against The Wind

We are en route to Panama from French Polynesia, heading backward against the prevailing winds and current. Just 840 nautical miles remain on this passage that began almost 4,000 nautical ... more

Al Grover’s Epic Atlantic Adventure

Al Grover was having a midlife crisis. It was 1985, and the affable 58-year-old family man with a marina business in Freeport, New York, had developed an itch. ... more

Choose Your Own Adventure

If you want adventure, what better way to find it than behind the wheel of a boat? ... more

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Blogs & Columns

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Throw off the bowlines

- Adventure. Is there anything better? For starters, it is readily available. -


Sea Savvy

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Down and dirty in the engine room

Where do they find those guys with the clean fingernails? You’ve seen them; they always show up in the technical manuals. And why are their clothes so fresh? And where...


Tip of the Week


When all else fails

- Occasionally, when you’re trying to remove a screw, you simply can’t get the darn thing to turn, whether...


Used Boat Review

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Used Boat Review: Dean 44 Catamaran

In 1983, with a baby daughter on the way, Mike Camarata and Carol Zipke launched a 23-foot sailboat into Long Island Sound for the first...


On Powerboats

MJM 35z: Technology and a touch of tradition

Simple designs captivate us quickly and hold our affection for a long period of time. A concert of perfect lines forming perfect shapes in perfect harmony appeals to our sense...


New Boats

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Launched: Cruisers 50 Cantius

The 50 Cantius from Cruisers Yachts replaces the 48 Cantius — the first model in the line, introduced seven years ago. The Wisconsin builder says this is an improved second-generation express coupe with a third stateroom, a galley-up saloon and...

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