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Florida anchoring wars are back

Valerie Jones has been fighting anchorage restrictions on Florida waters for 25 years. The former president of Concerned Boaters, ... more

Atlantis Stories

Atlantis Stories — Before the Mast on a Sailing Research Vessel, 1944-1948, recently published by Woods Hole Historical Museum, is the memoir of William B. Cooper, who in his retirement taught boatbuilding ... more

Haida Gwaii

The best of Canada's Pacific Northwest. For most American cruisers, the Pacific Northwest stops at the U.S. border and the San Juan Islands, but the scenery and cruising only get better ... more

Luck, pluck and a boat added up to survival

If you were born and raised in a Baltic country between the two world wars, you were dealt a tough hand. Through no particular fault of your own, you were ... more

Historic schooner gets the go-ahead for restoration

When Julius Britto spoke at the schooner Ernestina-Morrissey’s restoration celebration at the New Bedford (Massachusetts) Whaling Museum late last year, it was the fulfillment of a commitment he had made ... more

Bring it!

The 2015 Miami boat shows promise to be the most exciting of the last few years. Here’s what you should see. ... more

Blogs and Columns

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Radio check, radio check

Since this is my first column as editor-in-chief of Soundings, I probably ought to take this opportunity to present myself in a flattering light — tell you about my nautical background, my professional accomplishments, my high IQ and my excellent parallel-parking skills. Instead, let me...


Sea Savvy

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Man overboard!

It can happen anytime. You’re in your boat with your spouse or friend. Suddenly the world changes. Someone is gone. Overboard. You’re overwhelmed with the horrible certainty that unless you...




Water-tank hygiene

- There’s no way of getting around it — potable water onboard cools its heels for much of the...


Used Boat Review

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Californian 42 LRC

Curt Corda is a farmer who’s in love with the sea. The 63-year-old San Diego native has been on the water for as long as...


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Safe and comfortable boating begins at the helm

Nothing is more central to safe and enjoyable boating than the helm. A helm station’s primary functions are to provide a high level of vessel control and situational awareness,...


New Boats

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Makaira 64

Ocean Yachts has launched what it is calling a “high-end semicustom sportfishing machine” — the Makaira 64. “We already build sportfishing boats, of course, but we wanted to really dive in and carry out the custom work that many of...


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