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Boat Show Special - More, Better, Faster

Builders are bullish about what they're bringing to the fall shows. For the past several years, each boat show season has strengthened with an increased number of new boats, propulsion and ... more

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When Hinckley built the first Picnic Boat two decades ago, it started a revolution. - Hinckley got its start building powerboats in the early 1930s but was better known as ... more

The Charles W. Morgan Returns to New Bedford

An excerpt from bestselling author Nathaniel Philbrick's remarks at the ship's New Bedford homecoming - O what a glorious day this is. - The last remaining American whaleship has ... more

‘Do whatever it takes’ to get a search resumed

The search for survivors from the sailboats Niña and Cheeki Rafiki ended badly for both, with no lives saved. Yet friends and family of Cheeki Rafiki’s crew fought for a ... more

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Quality time remaining

A friend in Florida admitted recently that he was back “working” the death notices. Huh? Working the what? What he did was compile all of the obituaries over a three-day period from a big South Florida newspaper to find out the average age of the...


Sea Savvy

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To sink or not to sink: Expect the unexpected

Has your boat sunk yet? Fortunately, none of mine have. I did have one boat that was sunk when I got it and which, despite my best efforts, never floated....




How to keep your head happy

- Not all boaters have freshwater-flushing heads these days. Some continue to use comparatively old-fashioned systems that use saltwater...


Used Boat Review

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Mainship 43 Pilot

When you have a real passion for something, whether it’s baseball, art or music, you tend to want to share it, to pass it on...


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Running your boat in rough conditions

Last month I discussed the capabilities and limitations of planing, semiplaning and displacement hulls in rough conditions. Now let’s take a look at offshore boat-handling tactics, tips and strategies. -...


New Boats

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Cobia 344CC

The Maverick Boat Co. has expanded its Cobia family/fishing center console fleet with a new flagship: the 344CC. The boat has it all — seating and storage, a big hardtop for weather protection and a healthy list of standard fishing...


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