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Daysailors rejoice!

The hard part is the choosing - How many of us learned to sail on a daysailer? I associate the term with the 17-foot O’Day DaySailer and with my family’s ... more

Talkin' boats with Bob Bourdeau President and owner of Eastern Boats

Easterns are 'old school' built, using hand-laid, open-mold construction ... more

A will to win drives this maritime lawyer

Three decades of dissecting accidents on the water has made James Mercante a very cautious boater. ... more

Bug-eyed over an old bugeye

Sometime in murky August, a maritime apparition reminiscent of a Chesapeake past will materialize through the summer haze — a vessel to be noticed and admired sailing out of Annapolis. ... more

Better Than New

A refit Down Easter becomes a perfect family cruising boat ... more

The best testing is real-world testing

About 10 percent of FLIR Maritime’s annual revenue is set aside for research and development, and a big chunk of that is spent testing products. ... more

Blogs and Columns

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The beauty of boats that look and work as they should

Boats should look like boats, and churches like churches. - At their best, boats are an outward expression of an inner conversation about beauty and purpose (to paraphrase a furniture maker). A boat should make you want to run your hand along some part of...


Sea Savvy

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My fascination with shipwrecks

Shipwrecks make good stories about bad things. And they don’t just happen to others. They can happen to any of us. With most shipwrecks there’s a lesson to be learned....




DIY for safety

- Most any long-time boating enthusiast will turn adamant on you when asked about safety lanyards—you know, the short,...


Used Boat Review

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Carver 380 Santego

Lake Erie is one of America’s great inland waterways, and its varied coastline and historic harbors provide a lifetime’s worth of boating. James Priest, a...


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POSH: much more than a replica of a masterpiece

John L. Hacker was a top speedboat designer and builder in the early part of the last century, and he knew a thing or two about planing hulls that many...


New Boats

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Shannon Defiance 46

Custom builder Shannon Yachts has launched the Defiance 46, a Down East-style two-stateroom boat and an offshore cruiser through and through. Its traditional appearance, however, masks an untraditional hull design. -


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