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Feature Story

Softball or sailing? That’s an easy one

Erewhon’s topsides needed painting this year but this time the reason was too important for a quickie DIY make-over. ... more

Summertime USA

These photos by Bob Grieser provide visual proof that summertime on the water is fun. - Summer boating is like New Year’s Eve or a great birthday party, ... more

Holding Course - The small-boat builders of Chesapeake Bay

Your destination is on the right, the automated voice confidently announces. It is my third circle in the rental car, ... more

Niña report cites texts, satellite technology

An independent review of the search for Niña, the classic yacht that was lost with seven crewmembers more than a year ago on the Tasman Sea, has found ... more

All-Weather Fun

The express sedan has arrived - A new breed of express boat has emerged: the express sedan. Also known as express coupes, these cruisers deliver the speed of an express, ... more

Be Prepared - Know-how

Self-reliance is as important as a good tow service. Link to these tips from our experts to MacGyver your way out of trouble: - ... more

Blogs and Columns

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If you're born to hang, you're not going to drown

Old Tom Dower had as strong a will to live as anyone I’ve interviewed. - I last spoke to Dower more than 25 years ago. He was 70 and had just started building his fifth boat. A year or so earlier, he had survived being...


Sea Savvy

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Phone calls in the islands: goats, pigs and ‘foxes’

Standing in the island’s only telephone booth back in the day and making an overseas call didn’t present the greatest atmosphere for conducting business. However, I was lucky to be...




That nifty ol’ squeeze play

- If you do a bit of work on your boat now and again, it’s likely you’ll eventually encounter...


Used Boat Review

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Sabre 38 Hard Top Express

There was nothing wrong with the 29-foot Everglades center console. It was undeniably a good fishing boat, and it had served the family well over...


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How different hull types react in rough water

This is the first in a series of stories on rough-water boat handling. Although you might not intend to go out in seas taller than your VHF antenna, you may...


New Boats

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Boston Whaler 420 Outrage

If you want a sneak peak at the new Boston Whaler 420 Outrage, head offshore from Edgewater, Florida, in early September, but make sure the seas are at least 3 to 5 feet. The builder will be durability-testing the center...


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