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Mummies and madness: The sea and its mysteries

Few things fire the imagination like a mystery at sea, where distances are vast, the heart of the deep is fickle, and ships and crews meet their end in ways ... more

Fishing boat bonanza from Miami show

There’s nothing like the pull of a fish when you hook up, whether it’s a striped bass, dolphinfish, marlin or other gamefish. ... more

30,000 boats and counting: Chesapeake Light Craft

By typical kindergarten standards, John C. Harris was sort of a weird kid. ... more

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Boat show bookends

As you might imagine, the best part of my job involves looking at and thinking about boats. The frustrating part of my job is I get to do that much less than you might imagine because a desk job is a desk job is a...


Sea Savvy

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How not to do it with diesel engines

Just about every time you pick up a boating magazine you read about “how to do” any number of repairs. These articles are great at instilling self-confidence. But I’m going...


Tip of the Week

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Bad Isolation Mounts? DIY Tips

- Feeling more vibration onboard than you used to? And wondering if you’ve got a propeller issue? Well, unless...


Used Boat Review

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Used Boat Review: Grady-White 282 Sailfish

Boats. Bill Williamson has owned them — sail and power — in a boating life that’s taken him from Wisconsin’s lakes to the waters of...


On Powerboats

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Dynamic instability: It’s as bad as it sounds

If you’ve ever been around the class of racing boats known as speed skiffs, developed along the New Jersey shore, you know that you can hear them coming long before...


New Boats

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Launched: North Rip 21

A Rhode Island boatbuilder will launch the second generation of its North Rip 21 this spring, improving a seakindly deep-vee center console. US Watercraft has closed the transom and moved the outboard to an Armstrong engine bracket, freeing cockpit space...


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