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America's Cup: the good, bad and ugly

The next Cup regatta is to be staged on San Francisco Bay.News flash: BMW announced it is withdrawing from its partnership with Oracle Racing because it accomplished its purpose by winning the 33rd America's Cup last year in Valencia, Spain.

News flash: Oracle Racing - representing the San Francisco Yacht Club - will defend the Cup in, you guessed it, San Francisco.

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Winter reading that serves up a history lesson

This has been an interesting year (in the sense of the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times"), so I haven't read as many books as I usually do. But I have read and reread some, and I submit them for your consideration.



The bug-out bag: your insurance policy

I got used to go bags and bug-out bags while I was in the Army and was transferred to Germany. My wife and baby daughter came along as dependents. I had a go bag stowed in our car so I could respond to an alert, regardless of where I was. It included a set of field gear, underwear, three pairs of socks and my field boots, plus cigarettes, candy and coffee. It was the 1950s, the height of the Cold War.



Sweat the small stuff and you’ll survive

saylor_mikeI recall going sailing in my friend John's new 23-foot sailboat. The boat had been hurriedly berthed on a mooring, using badly worn three-strand nylon line. We hadn't had the time to replace the line. In fact, we hadn't properly set up the anchoring system or the jiffy reefing system. It was the first available chance to sail her and we were anxious to try her out.



Mistakes from fatigue can put you at risk

I remember hearing about a couple in their late 50s to mid-60s who decided to follow their dream while they still could. They sold their home, put some of their more precious and sentimental belongings in storage, and bought a boat.



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