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B3 Nautic Boiler

B3 Nautic BoilerB3 Nautic BoilerItalian manufacturer Quick says its B3 Nautic Boiler will provide trouble-free hot water on board for years to come. The hot-water heater has a corrosion-resistant tank made from 1.5-millimeter 316 stainless steel and welded with Argon shielding gas. Features include a composite casing for protection, high-density polyurethane foam between the cover and tank for better heat retention, a high-capacity heat exchanger, and an adjustable safety thermostat. When not in use, a relief can be used to drain the tank. It’s available in five models from 3.9 to 10.5 gallons and with 500-, 600- or 1,200-watt heating elements. Retail pricing starts at $423. Quick U.S.A., Glen Burnie, Md. Phone: (410) 768-5991. www.quickusa.com
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