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Manson SupremeManson SupremeNew Zealand-based Manson Anchors has introduced the Manson Supreme, which it touts as the only production boat anchor recognized by the Lloyd’s Register for “super high holding power.” Manson says the fixed dual-shank anchor sets fast and holds firmly in virtually any type of seabed. Features include a sharpened spearhead for better penetration, a roll bar to ensure proper setting angle, and upper and lower slots for different bottom conditions. Available in high-tensile galvanized or 316 stainless, the Manson Supreme comes in standard sizes from 5 to 225 pounds (custom to 1,000 pounds), and prices start at $167.95. Navimo USA, Sarasota, Fla. Phone: (866) 383-1888. www.navimousa.com
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