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ThermaCELL Lantern

ThermaCELL LanternThermaCELL LanternIt’s a balmy night in the cockpit, ice cubes are clinking in your glass, and the anchorage is idyllic. It’s time to relax, but instead you are swatting mosquitoes. The ThermaCELL Lantern promises an elegant solution because it is both an insect repelling device and an outdoor light. Tested and used by the Army, it is said to be 98 percent effective and creates a 15-by-15-foot mosquito-free zone by using allethrin, an artificial version of a natural insecticide. A butane cartridge powers the repellant mat for 12 hours of protection, according to the manufacturer, and two AA batteries power the light, which has two illumination settings. Retail price is $29.99. The Schawbel Corp., Bedford, Mass. Phone: (781) 541-6900. www.mosquitorepellent.com
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