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MagixEzy fiberglass and gelcoat repair

Australia-based MagicEzy has developed repair kits to restore damaged surfaces. 9 Second Chip Fix is a nano-filler that bonds, levels and colors fiberglass in seconds without a catalyst. Hairline Fix repairs gelcoat crazing and hairline fiberglass cracks, using a colored nano bonding agent. $16.96 each (0.43-ounce tube), $30.35 one of each, $53.56 two of each.


April 2014 issue


Lowrance electronics

Lowrance’s new Elite-4 HDI (pictured) and Mark-4 HDI fishfinders, plotters and combo units have 4.3-inch grayscale and color high-resolution displays that offer 36 percent more useable screen area. The HDI series comes with a built-in GPS antenna, high-definition mapping options and Hybrid Dual Imaging technology that combines a broadband sounder with down-scan imaging. $149 to $469. Lowrance, Tulsa, Okla., (800) 628-4487.


April 2014 issue


Gill's Race Collection

The 2014 edition of Gill’s Race Collection promises efficient and unrestricted movement, thanks to ultra-lightweight materials and stripped-down designs. Features include a waterproof outer layer, wind-resistant soft shell midlayer, breathability and UV protection. Garments include jackets, smocks, vests, T-shirts, tights, polo shirts and pants. $60 to $269. Gill North America, Buford, Ga., (800) 822-6504.


April 2014 issue


Actisense Engine monitor

The Actisense engine monitoring unit (EMU-1) digitizes analog engine data and shows it on any NMEA 2000 display. It can digitize as many as six parameters or gauge inputs in parallel, or four alarms, two tachometer and two auxiliary inputs. Each unit can be configured to various engine makes and models. $455. Gemeco Marine Accessories, Lake City, S.C., (803) 693 0777.


April 2014 issue


Two-part polyurethane paint

EZ Poxy2 from Pettit is a new two-part topside enamel for a durable high-gloss finish. The silicone-enhanced polyurethane paint can be applied over previously painted surfaces, gelcoat or wood with a roller or a brush. $75 a quart. Pettit Marine Paint, Rockaway, N.J., (973) 625-3100. www.pettitpaint.com

March 2014 issue


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