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Spot Gen3

In addition to such features as rescue alert, check-in, real-time tracking on Google Maps and messaging, the new Spot Gen3 satellite GPS messenger offers several new functions, including unlimited and extreme tracking at intervals from 2.5 to 60 minutes, motion-activated tracking and extended battery life. MSRP is $169.95.

The annual subscription starts at $149.99. Spot, Covington, La., (866) 651-7768. 


October 2013 issue


4-station QuadLink charging kit

The Xtreme Charge/QuadLink charge and battery maintenance system maintains and desulfates up to four 12-volt lead-acid batteries together, including VRLA, AGM and flooded cell.

In addition to the QuadLink multiplier and Xtreme Charge battery charger and desulfator, the kit includes a battery tester, four 2-foot battery leads with lugs, a 2-foot battery lead with clips, four 5-foot extension leads and two 25-foot extension leads.

MSRP is $219.95. Pulsetech Products Corp., Southlake, Texas, (800) 580-7554.


October 2013 issue


Goal Zero Yeti solar generators

Keep USB, 12-volt and AC-powered devices running with Goal Zero’s new Yeti solar generators.



Wax As-U-Dry

Eagle One Marine Wax As-U-Dry is a spray wax for use on wet or dry surfaces.



Psi Bands

Nothing ruins a boat trip like seasickness. Drug-free Psi Bands are worn on the wrists and use acupressure to help quell discomfort and nausea from motion sickness.



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