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Sperry boat shoes

Sperry Top-Sider introduces five new boat shoes for 2014 that include the “do-it-all amphibious” H2O Escape Bungee, the traditional Sea-Sider (pictured), now with breathable mesh uppers, and the Ricochet, a paddling shoe. Also new are the women’s casual slip-on Chime and Pulse Thong flip-flop. Retail prices range from $60 (Pulse) to $90 (H2O). Sperry Top-Sider, Richmond, Ind., (800) 247-6575. www.sperrytopsider.com

December 2013 issue


Etched glassware

Combining robotics with the traditional craft of glass cutting and engraving, Rolf Glass produces etched glassware in several nautical themes, including sailboat, school of fish and compass rose. Each piece is manufactured in Pennsylvania’s Mount Pleasant Glass Center, the former Lenox Crystal factory. Pricing starts at $5.99 per piece. Rolf Glass, Mount Pleasant, Pa., (724) 547-7500. www.rolfglass.com

December 2013 issue

Accordion boarding ladder

GR8-White is expanding the Accordion Gangplank line, which accommodates boaters who are looking for an easier means of boarding and disembarking or providing access for pets that won’t climb ladders. The Accordion Gangplank II features a wider staircase and a shallower climbing angle. MSRP is $499. GR8-White, Naples, Fla., (888) 855-1804.


December 2013 issue

Vaavud wind meter

The Vaavud wireless wind meter is used with an iOS device or Samsung smartphone. It uses two small magnets in the rotor to connect to the device — no electronics. The phone’s built-in magnetic field sensor detects when the magnets rotate and converts the rotations to wind speeds using algorithms. Vaavud is compatible with all iOS devices and Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII and S4 phones. It retails for $50 at www.vaavud.com.

November 2013 issue


Nv chart set

Nv Charts’ Region 3.1 chart set covers the waters from Watch Hill, R.I., to Chatham, Mass., as well as Nantucket, the Elizabeth Islands, Buzzard’s Bay, Block Island and Block Island Sound, and Narragansett Bay. The set includes two passage charts, 19 coastal charts and 24 detail areas, plus a CD and a pilot book. The charts also can be viewed on the Nv Charts mobile app (iOS and Android). The set sells for $79.80 at www.nvcharts.com.

November 2013 issue


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