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Gill floating sunglasses

The latest collection of Gill floating sunglasses incorporates new styles and polarized lenses that reduce glare and protect against UV radiation. A hydrophobic outer lens coating sheds water and reduces salt residue. Oleophobic technology is applied to the inside, repelling fingerprints, sunscreen and skin oils. The padded wraparound frames are light and tough and keep the glasses afloat if they end up in the drink. MSRP is $70 to $90. Gill North America, Buford, Ga., (678) 730-5580. www.gillna.com

November 2012 issue


Forespar Tri-Reacher Pole

Forespar’s adjustable Tri-Reacher Pole helps improve the trim of asymmetrical downwind sails. It uses a stop-pin adjustment system that extends the pole from 8 to 21 feet and connects to the mast with Forespar’s UTS toggle end system or a UXP end fitting for traditional ring connections. The pole retails for $869; mast mounts start at $279. Forespar Products Corp., Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., (800) 266-8820. www.forespar.com

November 2012 issue



The EmergiBulb doubles as a standard LED light bulb in AC mode and as a portable flashlight with a built-in lithium battery when switched to DC. Simply screw the bulb into a standard light socket and turn it on. If the power goes out, remove the bulb and slide the switch to turn it into a flashlight. Available in warm or bright light, it retails for $32. AE Light, Rogue River, Ore., (541) 471-8988. www.aelight.com

November 2012 issue


Equipment October 2012

New pieces of equipment that caught the eye of Dieter Loibner this month include a boombox, freezer packs, boat shoes, a night vision camera and duffel bags and backpacks.



The smart buyer: Suzuki introduces second-gen 4-strokes

Suzuki rolled out five new second-generation 4-strokes from 15 to 250 hp in June, and I was able to test them at the product introduction in the Florida Keys. The three-day event was the largest engine introduction for Suzuki since it debuted the DF300 — the highest-horsepower 4-stroke at the time.



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