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Forespar Tri-Reacher Pole

Forespar’s adjustable Tri-Reacher Pole helps improve the trim of asymmetrical downwind sails. It uses a stop-pin adjustment system that extends the pole from 8 to 21 feet and connects to the mast with Forespar’s UTS toggle end system or a UXP end fitting for traditional ring connections. The pole retails for $869; mast mounts start at $279. Forespar Products Corp., Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., (800) 266-8820. www.forespar.com

November 2012 issue



The EmergiBulb doubles as a standard LED light bulb in AC mode and as a portable flashlight with a built-in lithium battery when switched to DC. Simply screw the bulb into a standard light socket and turn it on. If the power goes out, remove the bulb and slide the switch to turn it into a flashlight. Available in warm or bright light, it retails for $32. AE Light, Rogue River, Ore., (541) 471-8988. www.aelight.com

November 2012 issue


Equipment October 2012

New pieces of equipment that caught the eye of Dieter Loibner this month include a boombox, freezer packs, boat shoes, a night vision camera and duffel bags and backpacks.



The smart buyer: Suzuki introduces second-gen 4-strokes

Suzuki rolled out five new second-generation 4-strokes from 15 to 250 hp in June, and I was able to test them at the product introduction in the Florida Keys. The three-day event was the largest engine introduction for Suzuki since it debuted the DF300 — the highest-horsepower 4-stroke at the time.



Webasto marine roof

The manually operated Webasto 20 Series sliding marine roof is designed for installation on a variety of boats.



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