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Crankcase & Crankbox

crankboxIf grid-independent power for electronic gadgets is a worry, Ampware’s new iPhone case with integrated hand-crank and its universal generator can provide relief.



Floating, polarized bifocals

Barz USA has introduced what it says is the world’s first floating, polarized sunglasses with photochromic lenses and bifocal readers. The mold-injected polycarbonate lenses won’t distort and will adjust to changing UV exposure by darkening and lightening. They can be ordered as bifocals with various levels of correction. The frames are available in three styles and feature small air pockets, so they float if they go overboard. $160-$300.

Barz USA, Fort Lauderdale, Florida,

(954) 681-4700


June 2015 issue


DirecTV HD on Board

Cobham Satcom’s new Sea Tel 100 TVHD and Sea Tel 120 TVHD are designed to receive HD content in the United States. These advanced 3-axis Ku/Ka dual-band antennas give full access to DirecTV HD programming. The radomes afford flexible cable installation with center as well as side access, so installers can choose the cable lead-in that suits them best. Systems start at $29,995. Contact your Sea Tel dealer for more information.

Cobham Satcom, Concord, California, (925) 798-7979.


June 2015 issue


Cup cooler

With Dometic Marine’s thermoelectric cup coolers, you’ll never again have to say, “Warm beer is better than no beer at all.” Dometic has brought the koozie into the 21st century with a refrigerated cup holder that replaces standard cup holders on board. Powered by the boat’s battery, the cup holder switches on and off, is large enough for a 20-ounce water or soda bottle or a standard beer or soda can, and replaces most 4-inch holders. $199. Dometic Marine, Pompano Beach, Florida,

(954) 973-2477.


June 2015 issue


Combo deck brush

Shurhold’s new Combo deck brush has longer soft fibers for washing and medium short fibers for scrubbing. Push down harder when washing stubborn areas, and the stiffer fibers take over. The 6-inch brush snaps into any Shurhold handle and has a rubber wraparound bumper that prevents scratching and marking. $28.98. A 5-foot fixed-length handle is $19.98.

Shurhold, Palm City, Florida, (800) 962-6241.


June 2015 issue


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