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Xantrex’s Freedom SW inverter/charger

Xantrex’s Freedom SW inverter/charger provides automatic on-board power management. Connected to AC shore power, it runs appliances and electronics. When you’re off the grid, it inverts DC battery power to AC for on-board outlets. Features include overload and short-circuit protection, resettable breakers and a multistage charger. It also provides ignition lockout protection to prevent battery drain when the alternator is not charging. $1,875 (2,000W/100A), $2,135 (3,000W/150A). Xantrex, Burnaby, British Columbia, (800) 670-0707. www.xantrex.com

December 2014 issue


BloqUV protective clothing

BloqUV is a stylish option for outdoor enthusiasts who want sun protection in their sportswear. Made of a quick-drying, breathable fabric without chemicals or coatings, BloqUV apparel offers a UPF rating of 50 and features pockets for your phone, keys or wallet. For men and women, BloqUV is offered in long-sleeve shirts. Other choices for women include pants, skorts, tank tops and cover-ups. $60 to $100. BloqUV, Miami, (866) 611-2567. www/bloquv.com

December 2014 issue


Ronstan Clear Start sailing watch

Ronstan added new styles and models to its Clear Start sailing watch line, including a smaller 40mm watch with integrated band, colors for women and youth sailors, and two stainless-steel models. They feature large buttons, clear displays and Ronstan’s proprietary sailrace programming. All watches are shock- and water-resistant to 150 feet and have a luminescent backlit display. $75 to $130. Ronstan International, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, (401) 293-0539. ronstan.us

December 2014 issue


Dr. Shrink’s Super Cap

Dr. Shrink’s Super Cap is designed to prevent support poles from poking through shrink wrap when heavy snow accumulates on it. Formed in a dome shape and measuring 20 inches in diameter, the Super Cap rests on the woven cord strapping that runs length- and crosswise on boats. It can be attached to wooden uprights with either a nail or staples. $3.45. Dr. Shrink, Manistee, Michigan, (800) 968-5147.  www.dr-shrink.com

December 2014 issue


Pelican ProGear 9000 Light-Case

The ProGear 9000 Light-Case is made from impact-resistant polymer, is watertight and floats. It also features dual LEDs that offer several light modes, a built-in attachment hook and a high-strength aluminum carabiner. It’s available in black and yellow. $59.95. Pelican Products International, Torrance, California, (800) 473-5422. www.pelican.com

December 2024 issue


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