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MJM 35z: Technology and a touch of tradition

Simple designs captivate us quickly and hold our affection for a long period of time. A concert of perfect lines forming perfect shapes in perfect harmony appeals to our sense of order; it makes us feel comfortable. Any structure that relies on geegaws to snare admirers is doomed over the long haul. Take a look at a 1958 Buick Roadmaster, and you’ll see what I mean.



Look closer: The Williams 38 is not what you might think

williams38Press material for the Williams 38 refers to this newest model from John Williams Boat Co. as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” If you saw her tied up in a slip, you’d dismiss the reference as hyperbole. After all, she’s only a lobster boat disguised as a yacht, and everyone knows that those semidisplacement hulls are seakindly but not particularly fast.



Brevilla 48: A power cat for serious fishing

brevilla48_newDesigned by Front Street Shipyard and engineered by Bruce Johnson, the former president and chief designer at Sparkman & Stephens, the Brevilla 48 is a fast, handsome, practical power catamaran. The subtle break in her sheer line paraphrases the dramatic sheer that gives monohull sportfishing boats their distinctive profile. This treatment announces the 48’s mission: a no-nonsense fishing boat.



Dynamic instability: It’s as bad as it sounds

powerboats1If you’ve ever been around the class of racing boats known as speed skiffs, developed along the New Jersey shore, you know that you can hear them coming long before you see them. There’s a lot of exhaust noise, of course, but the distinguishing sound comes from their traditional lapstrake hulls slapping the water, bass-drumming down the waterway.



Quell the roll and keep your cookies

powerboats1Boating is, without question, one of the finest family activities around. Although we can all extol its many joys and benefits, we must acknowledge that there are a few negatives.



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