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Why choose a dual console?

Like the minivan, it’s the many functions they offer in a single platform

Boston Whaler's 270 Vantage is offshore-capable.When I was a wee lad (if only briefly) in the 1960s, we had a Bonneville convertible and a Pontiac station wagon, a sensible car combo for a father who drove to work and a mother who hauled kids around town.

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Sage advice for the next big storm

Does your marina take a pre-emptive approach to storms?In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, having a reliable, financially sound insurer and choosing the right marina have taken on added importance.



Pursuit of perfection: a built-to-order boat

This Doug Zurn-designed 50-footer is being built by New England Boatworks on a semicustom basis.If you’re in the market for a new boat you’ll find scores of production models to choose from, and chances are pretty good that a builder offers something close to what you want. But if you’re looking for a boat that fits your exact specifications and you have the means — and the patience — there are two ways to go: semicustom or custom.



A handsome planing boat that’s a model of efficiency

The 38 DayBoat, designed by Steve Weiss, has a layout that doesn't 'deprive the senses' and hull-side doors for easier boarding.More than a few discerning boaters have been looking for yacht designer Steve Weiss, but they haven’t known it until now. They lack only an introduction. His background comprises a thorough grounding in conventional sail- and powerboat design and CAD technology, and his aesthetic sensibility reflects a sympathy for the environment and consonance with nature. It overtly permeates his work.
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A semiplaning take on efficiency

The slender Eco-Trawler 33 has a beam of 8 feet, 6 inches and a cruising speed of 13 to 15 knots.Trawlers Midwest is the U.S. sales rep for what, by every indication, is a capable 18-knot, 33-foot semiplaning inshore cruiser built of aluminum.

The Eco-Trawler 33 has a slender hull that minimizes resistance at its 13- to 15-knot cruise speed while producing a ride that benefits from its slice-and-dice hull form.



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