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Sage advice for the next big storm

Does your marina take a pre-emptive approach to storms?In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, having a reliable, financially sound insurer and choosing the right marina have taken on added importance.



Pursuit of perfection: a built-to-order boat

This Doug Zurn-designed 50-footer is being built by New England Boatworks on a semicustom basis.If you’re in the market for a new boat you’ll find scores of production models to choose from, and chances are pretty good that a builder offers something close to what you want. But if you’re looking for a boat that fits your exact specifications and you have the means — and the patience — there are two ways to go: semicustom or custom.



A handsome planing boat that’s a model of efficiency

The 38 DayBoat, designed by Steve Weiss, has a layout that doesn't 'deprive the senses' and hull-side doors for easier boarding.More than a few discerning boaters have been looking for yacht designer Steve Weiss, but they haven’t known it until now. They lack only an introduction. His background comprises a thorough grounding in conventional sail- and powerboat design and CAD technology, and his aesthetic sensibility reflects a sympathy for the environment and consonance with nature. It overtly permeates his work.
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A semiplaning take on efficiency

The slender Eco-Trawler 33 has a beam of 8 feet, 6 inches and a cruising speed of 13 to 15 knots.Trawlers Midwest is the U.S. sales rep for what, by every indication, is a capable 18-knot, 33-foot semiplaning inshore cruiser built of aluminum.

The Eco-Trawler 33 has a slender hull that minimizes resistance at its 13- to 15-knot cruise speed while producing a ride that benefits from its slice-and-dice hull form.



7 critical elements of the seaman's art

Situational awareness is critical to safe navigation.What exactly is seamanship? It encompasses the seaman’s art, which is to say everything involved in the operation of a vessel. Technically this includes marlinspike seamanship — tying knots and splicing lines, stowing cargo for sea, rigging heavy-weather lifelines, and so on. But here I’ll focus on the operational elements of seamanship — what the skipper needs to know and what equipment should be on board and ready for use to safely operate the boat.



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