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On Sailboats with Dieter Loibner

Your life hinges on cold-water readiness

All Coast Guard air crews must undergo training in cold-water survival techniques.There's little I have done for as long as I have sailed. I'm well into my fourth decade. Still livin' it, still lovin' it. But me being me, I also think I know my stuff. Until someone comes along and politely tells me that, um, I don't.



Multihulls earning overdue recognition

These once-ridiculed vessels will be featured in the 2013 America's Cup and that pleases one pioneer

Jim Brown's design for his Brown 31 trimaranIt was an indolent afternoon on New Year's Eve when the Twitterati breathlessly reported that San Francisco indeed will host the next America's Cup, the first one conceived for multihulls. How fitting, I thought, for Jim Brown to hear this. I just had finished his delightful memoir "Among the Multihulls: Volume One" that describes his journey from schooner boy to trimaran evangelist.

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The art of capturing a boat's beauty

Rhode Island artist Will Sofrin makes prints of classic Herreshoff designs, Pearson Ensigns and more

Dieter LoibnerBeauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's a simple lesson learned from spending time around boats and dedicated owners who sometimes speak of their vessel with the same deference as a famous work of art. And if boats can be art, why can't art depict these boats in an image these dedicated owners would want to hang on their walls?



TUI Marine charts a greener course

The world's largest charter company seeks a smaller footprint on destinations with fragile ecosystems

It's early November in Vienna, Austria, and the thermometer is hovering around 70 degrees - a record high for this time of the year. Sitting on the terrace in the sun, I'm browsing through a stash of old snapshots from family sailing vacations in Croatia way back when.



Laser's 'iron man' keeps winning races

Peter Seidenberg, 73, is shown at the 2009 Laser Masters World Championships in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia."You know you're getting old when kids call you 'Mister,' " says Peter Seidenberg, one of the world's top Laser sailors in the Great Grand Master class, which is reserved for competitors age 65 and older. He's perfectly aware that this salute is meant to be polite, but youngsters (like those under 60) don't realize they are doing him no favor with formality.



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