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Cruising Life through the Eyes of Tom Neale

How, where and when should boaters bury a family pet?

seasavvy1I was told long ago to never write stories about pets on boats. People tire of reading them. So I’m not going to write about pets on boats. I’m going to write about dead pets on boats.



The give and take of etiquette at sea

seasavvy1I’ve always known about etiquette. I just haven’t been sure about how to say it. I don’t usually use French words, and I think etiquette is one of them.



What do ‘they’ know about hocus-pocus on board?

seasavvy1Mariners are extra suspicious, “they”say, because of all the bad things that can happen on a boat. “They” don’t know squat.



Boat Luck and boat bucks go hand in hand

Tom learned about Boat Luck at an early age.Owning a boat can be like walking in the Everglades. You never know what’s going to rise up and bite you in the backside, although at least in the Everglades you know it’s likely to be an alligator. On a boat, all you know is that it’s going to be “Boat Luck.”

We all know about Boat Luck, which is seldom good luck. That’s why some of us, me in particular, go to great lengths to do good things, including spending boat bucks, to avoid bad things. But Boat Luck rules, anyway.



More money, fewer problems? Not really

I’ve always wondered whether cruising would be more fun if I had a lot of money. I can’t speak from a wealth of experience, but I do believe that a ton or two of money would make a difference. But some of us have to just get by on seamanship, which may be more valuable than the bucks.

We saw what money can do some years ago when we were hanging out at a beautiful island in the far eastern Bahamas, although I’m not sure that a little el cheapo chart reading wouldn’t have been better.



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