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Cruising Life through the Eyes of Tom Neale

Bird snit: the bane of all who boat

Dealing with birds and what they leave behind is a fact of life if you spend time on the water.There’s nothing like waking up to that gentle sound of rain on your deck and finding it’s really the pitter-patter of falling fecal matter. Now, I’ve got nothing against birds, really I don’t. I just wish they felt the same way about me.



A symbiotic bonding of islands and boats

Tom has explored islands from the Chesapeake to the Bahamas and beyond.My first tropical island was in the southern Chesapeake Bay. Maybe it wasn’t tropical to my geography teacher, but it was to me. There were white beaches, a lagoon, little island trees, a tall white lighthouse and, best of all, no other people. I’d go there in my 18-foot skiff with the homemade plywood cabin and hang out for days — willfully alone on my deserted island.



Project boat advice from the trenches

Tom NealeI’ve been buying boats for more than 50 years — sinking derelicts, kayaks, sailing dinghies, small power cruisers, center consoles and large motorsailers. Some have been new; most have not. I’ve learned some things in the process, through lessons hard and soft, and I’ll share a few here.



My 50 cents’ worth on those 50 years

The cockpit of Tom's Tartan 27 served as a bathtub as did his Sportyak dinghy.When Soundings began 50 years ago, I was paying less than 50 cents a gallon to fill the 6-gallon tanks sliding around on the floor of my Glasspar Seafair Sedan. Now it’s going up about 50 cents a gallon every month.
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Sometimes a fix is easier than you think

Tom was liberated when he discovered bunk boards. No more trailer rollers to replace!When a problem pops up aboard a boat, it’s often just before or during a trip. When you got up in the morning, all you wanted was a good day on the water. What you’re getting is either a lousy day on the water or a lousy day wishing you were on the water and a boating budget once again blown.



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