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Cruising Life through the Eyes of Tom Neale

Love the boat you’ve got and have some fun

Own a Grady-White? Consider meeting up with 'The Grady Bunch' for some cruising in company.“Having Fun Since 1988,” proclaimed the large blue banner. It was grandly draped over the side of YaBut’s cabin. She was part of a small flotilla of Grady-Whites from about 25 to 36 feet tied up at Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor in St. Augustine, Fla.



Balance your fuel budget

Develop new habits that save fuel. Different boats and different circumstances require different tactics, but there’s usually more than one trick that’ll work for your boat.



In search of the wily 'hummigator'

You never know what an anchorage might hold.The anchoring experience is a benchmark of wonderful cruising. Relaxing in the cockpit, listening to the wind in the trees ashore, hearing the gentle waves lapping on the hull and watching the sun lower to the western horizon reminds you that all is right with the world and you look forward to an uneventful evening in paradise.



Essential elements of the perfect cruising boat

Heading out on a Nordic Tug 54, a well-found cruiser.Two features set a cruising boat apart from the rest, and from those two features come many special elements. A cruising boat must be able to keep you comfortable while aboard for long periods of time, and it must be able to safely take you long distances.

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The indescribable allure of the Intracoastal

You'll have to share the water with commercial traffic in some parts of the ICW.“I’d love to take that trip down the ICW. I’d love to see it, if just one time.”

We’ve heard so many people say that. We’ve done the trip, in whole or in part, more times than I can remember. Each has been special in its own way.



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