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Cruising Life through the Eyes of Tom Neale

The sands of time: where sea meets land

seasavvy1A sinister trap for seamen and their vessels awaits in one of the world’s busiest and most important shipping areas. It has destroyed more ships of all kinds than we will ever know. It has killed untold numbers of people. We’re not even sure of its origin, only that it’s there, waiting for the unwary or the unlucky.



Boating in southern climes: Comfort with a splash of reality

seasavvy1So you’re sitting in a comfortable chair, a fireplace warming you, listening to the winter wind blasting cold into everything outdoors and pushing its way through cracks and crevices into your warm indoors.



Try taking a balanced approach to your time on the water

seasavvy1Although I have a lot of admiration for Noah, I don’t think he’d make the same dramatic rescue today, even if he wanted to. That capacity plate on the ark would stop him cold.



Boating repair tricks of the trade, from store-bought to home-grown

seasavvy1I’ve always assumed that Murphy’s Law had to have originated with a boater. After attending Google University, I understand there was an Edward A. Murphy whose name has been associated with the law, and that he was an aerospace engineer. Good grief!



Boats: what you see might not be what you get

seasavvy1When they said that a picture is worth a thousand words, they hadn’t heard of Adobe Photoshop. What you see isn’t necessarily what you get, and this is sometimes true in fancy ads for boats. I enjoy playing the guessing game over whether it’s really the way the boat looks. In the process, I’ve learned that a builder puffing its product doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a poor product. It’s just the way of our world. Let’s look at a few examples.



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