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It can be a jungle under there

From too little resin to cheaply made hose clamps, pretty boats sometimes can hide ugly problems

The hull of a newer boat showing voids, blisters and weak spots being repaired.You remember that scene from the old jungle movies, where the guy is treading carefully through the dense foliage when suddenly he disappears from the screen - drops off the bottom of it. The camera pans down and he's in a deep hole. He'd walked over an innocent-looking bed of leaves and grass that in reality was a disguised cover for a pit of doom.

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The day we gave in to pier pressure

An overhaul of Tom's tie-up revealed much about materials, design and the contractor's reputation

Most boaters have one very important thing in common. The safety of their boats often depends on it. Their own safety - sometimes their lives - may depend on it. This thing is used on an everyday basis and also during emergencies and in storms. But few of us give it much thought. Few of us have a clue about what makes it good, bad or indifferent, although we should insist that it be "good." This thing is the pier.

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You can look the part - or look like me

When it comes to clothing, what matters most is that it prepares you for emergencies, not catwalks

A STYLE FOR EVERY TASTE: Sir Thomas Lipton opted for finely tailored nautical attire.In case you haven't noticed from the boat shows and magazine ads, the proper yachtie must be properly attired. I suppose this trend started in the days when Sir Thomas Lipton wore finely tailored apparel as he bashed about on his Shamrock with British royalty.

Maybe it began much earlier. I seem to remember movies of Cleopatra reclining high up on her "barge," dressed in attire that accentuated certain attributes, even though it wouldn't have been suitable for bending over and picking up an oar. (Or maybe it would.)

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Big-boat envy? Just blow it away

When a megayacht is far beyond your means, a good horn will do a lot for ego gratification

Though not a small boat, Chez Nous is often not the biggest in the harbor.I've had this problem all my life. I always want it a little bigger. Most people with boats seem to share this idiosyncrasy, but they just want bigger boats. I've always wanted bigger boats, too, but it goes much deeper with me. I also want bigger stuff on whatever boat I have.



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