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Cruising Life through the Eyes of Tom Neale

Dropping the hook on terra firma

n_44_seasavvyAfter years of living aboard, our land 'resort' is at once a refuge and a strangely unfamiliar place



Clueless in any channel

44_clueless_01Boaters who shrug at their lack of seamanship shouldn't be on the water

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Blood, sweat and living the dream

Obelisk anchored in Virignia's Severn River, is a refit project born of a quest for adventure shared by four young men.College friends painstakingly restore a 1982 Skye 51 and take it on the adventure of a lifetime

Through the years I've seen many would-be voyagers spend years of hard labor and countless dollars preparing boats to fulfill their dreams. Far too often, reality overcomes the dream.




Precious days with Cap'n Wilson

The Chesapeake Bay waterman taught Cap'n Tom a lot about fishing and even more about life

Linda R at her mooring off Gwynn's Island in Viriginia. Waterman Wilson Rowe worked the Chesapeake Bay all of his life.Cap'n Wilson's day begins as usual, more than an hour before first light. He drives down to the Linda R in his old pickup - the one in which you need boots because the water from puddles splashes up through the holes in the floor.

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NDZ or MSD: keeping waters clean

Boaters are often a punching bag, even though we're not the main culprits of dumping sewage

Clean water is every boater's business.We share a passion, you and I. Our passion is for clean waters. And we share a commitment to work together to achieve clean waters. The issue is how to best do so.

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