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Used Boat Review: Eastern 31 Casco Bay

eastern31Ned and Edie Flanagan were taking a break from big boats, their last being a 36-foot Albin trawler. In 2014, the Connecticut couple began looking for something that would get them back into the boating lifestyle they’d enjoyed — a three-season boat for day trips, weekend overnights and longer summer cruises.



Used Boat Review: Ranger Tugs R-29

rangertug_29When you cruise north from Florida on the ICW, traverse Chesapeake Bay, pass the Jersey coast en route to the Hudson River, follow the Erie Canal to the Great Lakes, then hit Lake Michigan, the Mississippi River, the Ohio River, the Tennessee/Tombigbee Waterway to Mobile Bay and cross the Gulf of Mexico, “you learn about a boat,” says John Gray.



Used Boat Review: Shannon 36 Voyager

Shannon39[cc]Part of the boat-buying process is rationalizing the financial commitment. Here’s what Bill Ramsden came up with when he was ready to buy his first boat back in 1985. “I wanted to be out on the water and told my wife that the crabs we catch — we lived along the Jersey Shore at the time — would more than pay for the boat,” he says. “Possibly an exaggeration.” (“You think?” quips Mia, his wife of 43 years.)



Used Boat Review: Cabo 35 Express

Cabo35_ccRon Heisler grew up as a freshwater boater in South Carolina. Bass fishing was the thing, and he fished competitively for a time. “I bought a bass boat in 1995 and fished competitively for 10 or 12 years, and for fun after that,” says Heisler, a Rock Hill, South Carolina, small business owner.



Used Boat Review: Mariner deadrise

usedboat1Bob Saunders’ boat is what you might call a “real museum piece.” In the early 2000s, The Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, Virginia, in keeping with its focus on the history and culture of Chesapeake Bay, took part in a boatbuilding program. Well-known artisans were brought in to build a deadrise design that became known as the Mariner. A dozen of them were produced.



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