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Used Boat Review: Chris-Craft Commander 27

chris-craftBoat buyers usually purchase with a particular vision in mind — cruising, fishing, living aboard. How much fun they have depends on how well the boat fulfills that vision.



Used Boat Review: Riva St. Tropez

riva1For Steve and Mary Windom, life on Alabama’s Lake Martin revolves around boating.



Used Boat Review: Chris-Craft 410 MY

usedboat1Skip Stamberger fondly remembers growing up along the Jersey shore, boating with his parents, brother and sister aboard a 1957 Owens cruiser. A series of locally built Pacemakers followed as the family grew. “We cruised to Lake Champlain,” the 67-year-old former sales executive says. “I saw the SS United States and the Statue of Liberty from our boat.”



Used Boat Review: Mathews Patriot 29

Belladonna_aftThere can be a certain trajectory to boat ownership. You start out small, work your way up to ever larger boats and then reach a point where smaller might be better. You start thinking about a handy boat that’s easier to run, one that doesn’t require the maintenance and care of a big boat. It should be good for a sunset cruise or cocktails at the dock, perhaps a fishing trip or a weekend getaway. And, of course, it has to look good.



Used Boat Review: Grady-White 330 Express

gradywhitePublishing experts always tell authors, “Write what you know.” And that’s just what Kevin Saulnier did.



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