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Mainship 43 Pilot

When you have a real passion for something, whether it’s baseball, art or music, you tend to want to share it, to pass it on to others, the kids or grandkids, as something special. That’s certainly true about boats and boating.



Sabre 38 Hard Top Express

There was nothing wrong with the 29-foot Everglades center console. It was undeniably a good fishing boat, and it had served the family well over the years.

But with their three children — Chloe, 13, Owen, 11, and Luke, 10 — growing up, Brian Harris and his wife, Danielle, thought about a bigger boat, a boat with real accommodations. They wanted something they could stay out overnight on, go farther in — a boat that would broaden the family’s horizons.



Carver 380 Santego

Lake Erie is one of America’s great inland waterways, and its varied coastline and historic harbors provide a lifetime’s worth of boating. James Priest, a native of Dunkirk, New York, grew up along Erie’s shores and over the years has grown to know it well in a variety of boats.



Florida Bay Coaster 35

If we’re fortunate, most of us at some point in our boating lives come across that “perfect” vessel — one that’s been in the back of our minds all these years. When we see it, we jump at the chance to buy it.



Camano 31 Troll

Kurt Reynolds spent 24 years in the Navy, logging thousands of miles underwater as a submariner. It was an exciting life, performing a highly specialized mission in the technological marvel that is the modern sub.

“I probably have more miles under the water than most have on top of the water,” Reynolds says. “Or on land, for that matter.”



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