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Grady-White 280 Marlin

“We’ve got a little slice of paradise down here.” That’s how Brian Cunningham describes the boating around his Vero Beach, Florida, home. Fishing, cruising, running out to the islands — he and his wife, Karen, and their extended family do it all.

“We like to fish,” says Cunningham, 56, who is originally from New Jersey. “We have three daughters and two grandkids. They love to get in the water, they love to go boating, and we do it as a family.



DeFever 44

Cruising to new harbors and new horizons is what Bob and Elaine Ebaugh like to do, and over the course of their boating lives they’ve taken in the west coast of Florida as far as the Dry Tortugas and chartered throughout the British Virgin Islands.

In 2009 they made a commitment to do what many only dream of: slip the lines and do some serious cruising. “Our initial goal was to take a couple of years off from work, sell our home, and move aboard and cruise,” says Elaine, 55, a licensed speech-language pathologist.



Tartan 37 sloop

Not many sailors can say they’ve run aground in Guantanamo Bay, the U.S. military base in Cuba. Philip May was an officer on a Navy amphibious ship that was there for a six-week training exercise in 1969 when he had his adventure while manning one of the small boats the sailors used for recreation.



Mainship 43 Pilot

When you have a real passion for something, whether it’s baseball, art or music, you tend to want to share it, to pass it on to others, the kids or grandkids, as something special. That’s certainly true about boats and boating.



Sabre 38 Hard Top Express

There was nothing wrong with the 29-foot Everglades center console. It was undeniably a good fishing boat, and it had served the family well over the years.

But with their three children — Chloe, 13, Owen, 11, and Luke, 10 — growing up, Brian Harris and his wife, Danielle, thought about a bigger boat, a boat with real accommodations. They wanted something they could stay out overnight on, go farther in — a boat that would broaden the family’s horizons.



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