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Bertram 35 Convertible

Versatility — it can be an important quality to consider when you’re perusing the classifieds or the Internet, searching for that used boat. Why not go for the express sportfisherman that can handle a gang of anglers on Saturday and the family on Sunday? Or a sailboat with both speed around the buoys and the comforts of a cruiser? Or a pocket trawler you can put on a trailer?



American Tug 34

It’s funny how your perspective can change. Allen Jacobson and his wife, Lila Daut, were dyed-in-the-wool sailors — Lake Michigan multihull cruisers and racers with a resume full of weeknight and long-distance regattas in their Corsair and Farrier trimarans. The excitement of competition, the boat-handling and navigational skills it demanded — this was the fun of sailing.



Valiant 40

Jeff Bolster calls it “the best of times.” For the 59-year-old professor and his wife, Molly, it was one of those perfect sailing days. They left their mooring at Marie Galante, southeast of Guadeloupe, and headed out for Les Saintes on a broad reach under warm Caribbean skies. Cruising into Cabrit Islet, they picked up a mooring under sail and went off for a bit of beachcombing and snorkeling.



Nauset 28 Hardtop

Bill Hezlep had a middle-age experience that changed his life and got him started on a new life on the water. “I had a diagnosis of ALS in 1986,” says the 69-year-old cartographer. “It ended up being a wrong diagnosis, but it had a major effect. I changed gears, stopped living for work and started working to live.”
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Bristol 42 Offshore

As a boy in the late 1950s, Richard Allen used to ride his bicycle to school, going past a certain garage on County Street in his hometown of Seekonk, Mass. Inside were two men creating history. Clint and Everett Pearson were making dinghies out of a material called fiberglass, laying the groundwork for what would become the legendary Pearson Yachts. Clint Pearson went on to found the Bristol Yacht Co. in 1966.



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