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Camano 31 Troll

Kurt Reynolds spent 24 years in the Navy, logging thousands of miles underwater as a submariner. It was an exciting life, performing a highly specialized mission in the technological marvel that is the modern sub.

“I probably have more miles under the water than most have on top of the water,” Reynolds says. “Or on land, for that matter.”



Mako 232

Family bonds forged on the water can last a lifetime. Fishing and cruising with kids and grandkids can be something special, sending them off on a lifetime of boating, the enjoyment of which can span generations.



Pacemaker Alglas 31

The Essex (Conn.) Boat Club consists of a small clubhouse, a launch ramp and picnic tables set along one of the more beautiful stretches of the lower Connecticut River. With a mix of lawn, meadow and overhanging trees lining the banks for shade, it’s an idyllic place in the summer.

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Dusky 33 Open Fisherman

Barron Libasci pretty much grew up on the waters off Miami Beach, fishing, water-skiing, cruising and just having fun out there. “I started out with a 13-footer,” the 48-year-old business owner says. “Boating was part of life.”



Ocean 50 Super Sport

One of the deciding factors in any used boat purchase is the vessel’s condition. Looking at similar models, you’re likely to choose the one that’s been well taken care of and whose changes and alterations make sense.



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