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Dragons invade as cruisers head down the ditch

bottom_bayThere seemed to be many more sailboats gathering in the Crawford Bay anchorage at Mile Zero than last year.



The Kalmar Nyckel celebrates seamanship, 17th century-style

baywatch1Watching the crew prepare to haul the tack line, a passenger asks, “Don’t you use gloves?”

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Fall on the Chesapeake is our ‘Maine summer’

bottom_bayAs I write this, the top of the Ditch is pretty quiet, with only the occasional yacht transiting. As you read this, however, the snowbirds will be gathering.



Chesapeake T-boats, happy in retirement

baywatch1During World War II, the Army Transportation Corps needed a vessel that could serve a multitude of purposes on every body of water, in every theater of the war. Some were borrowed, some were bought, and some were created. One of the latter was the T-boat, a vessel that served in several capacities, including as a tugboat and lighter. It was designed by the legendary Eldredge-McInnis Co. of Boston and laid down with a 64-foot, 10-inch LOA, a 16-foot, 6-inch beam and a 6-foot draft.



Heat and humidity aside, there’s plenty going on in the Chesapeake

bottomWe are in that hot and still, late-summer mode here at the bottom of the Bay, waiting for the weather to break into the fall pattern. Our big event, Norfolk HarborFest, has come and gone as I write this.



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