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Bilge-sniffing, school ships and skylarking at Mile Zero

HarveyGamageAs you read this, I’ll be back in Tidewater after a couple of weeks “up ta Maine,” the brokers’ holiday during the summer doldrums. We will be in those hot and sticky weeks that make me wonder why I settled here, especially after a trip to Maine.



On patrol with the Maryland Natural Resources Police

baywatch_nrp“Stand your ground, surround him and don’t let him take you,” said Capt. Whitehurst to his crew and the other oyster dredgers. And when Whitehurst refused to heave-to upon the command of Capt. Clarke of the Maryland Oyster Navy sloop Folly, the state’s sailors fired their Winchesters, shredding the sails of Whitehurst’s Nickel.



Bridges, boat ownership and a battleship

bottombay_0716Now that I have been writing this column for more than a year, I have to check the same issue of Soundings from 2015 to make sure I don’t do what my grandchildren point out from time to time: tell the same story again.



A Potomac detour

baywatch0516The Potomac River tumbles down the mountains from Fairfax Stone, West Virginia, (the North Branch) and Highland County, Virginia, (the South Branch) and flows just over 400 miles to its 19-mile-wide mouth at Point Lookout in southern Maryland on Chesapeake Bay. Along the upper Potomac you’ll find rapids, waterfalls, good smallmouth bass fishing, canoeing and kayaking along the Potomac National Trail route, in addition to a good deal of Civil War history, including the site of John Brown’s uprising at Harpers Ferry.



Double dose of happiness: No ethanol and more Bertram

bottom_bayThe Top of the Ditch has been pretty quiet for pleasure boat viewing, but the commercial side presses on regardless. In the words of Calvin Coolidge: The business of America is business. Big bulk carriers pass by, heading for the myriad facilities on the Southern Branch, and the Port Authority posted a record in container traffic earlier this year.



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