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When company time became sailing time

At this unrestricted stage of my extended life, I can cruise when and where I choose and stay as long or as short a time as I wish. But as a newspaperman in the early 1970s who was smitten with sailing, my proposal for a cruising story on company time required approval from an editor.



Ted Williams or Ray Hunt? The choice was simple

Boys growing up in sailing-happy Marblehead, Mass., often followed meandering paths to maturity that led to a deep-water harbor with a half-dozen boatyards and a couple thousand boats hanging on moorings. Mark Kellogg was one of those youths in the 1950s and ’60s, lured dockside to what he considered a magical kingdom by the sea presided over by illustrious sailing royalty.
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The itch to sail alone and an able mentor

Karen Ellison single-hands a Mariner 19 when she's not sailing with her husband aboard their 40-foot Pearson.In the mom-and-pop world of sailing, it’s the woman who often expresses little interest in her mate’s discovery of the sport. Sometimes, though, the reverse occurs: The mom takes the helm and becomes a better sailor than the pop.

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Stored but not forgotten, a family treasure is revived

I  am a boatyard prowler drawn to distant, weed-filled corners where neglected old boats on jack stands are left to wither and die. You don’t see many of these vessels nowadays because wise boatyard operators have become wary of overly ambitious projects heavy on dreams but light on finances and boatwork skills.
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With boats, if it’s not one thing, it’s another

As I have said many times, it’s “always something” when dealing with boats, and sometimes there’s also a “something else.”



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Jack Sherwood, Writer-at-Large

Jack has been cruising Chesapeake Bay and writing about the region for more than 25 years. His critically acclaimed book, "Maryland's Vanishing Lives," was published by Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University Press and is now in its second printing. Before joining Soundings, Jack was a feature writer at the Washington (D.C.) Star for nearly 20 years and a senior editor at Chesapeake Bay magazine from 1995 to 1998. His monthly Bay Tripper column focuses on the Chesapeake.


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