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The harbor pilot’s dance is a choreography of precision

bay1The launch Vedette is bouncing across the water at 17 knots, en route to the container ship LOA, when the driver advises the pilot, who is soon to guide the 878-foot freighter out of Baltimore harbor: “Gusts this afternoon of 40 knots, Cap.”



Loop cruisers, lifelines and shedder crabs

bottombayThe northbound migration is in full swing at Mile Zero as I write this, the light-colored boats sporting brown mustaches from the tannin-rich waters of the blackwater rivers and swamps to the south.



Softball or sailing? That’s an easy one

The Tripper's granddaughter, Claire, is a standout softball player but also a natural on the tiller.Erewhon’s topsides needed painting this year but this time the reason was too important for a quickie DIY make-over. Boatyard pros had to handle this delicate assignment, which unfortunately did not turn out as well as expected (more about that in a bit), although the purpose of the painting exceeded all expectations.

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Bug-eyed over an old bugeye

Jack SherwoodSometime in murky August, a maritime apparition reminiscent of a Chesapeake past will materialize through the summer haze — a vessel to be noticed and admired sailing out of Annapolis. Look for three sails set on a ketch rig, slightly raked aluminum spars and an extra-long bowsprit with rails.



Through the lens of the Square Man

Jack SherwoodLuring Bob Grieser into the fine sport of sailing was a great pleasure for me, especially when it changed his life and he went on to exceed all expectations. That former newspaper copy boy is now an international yachting photographer, and sailors everywhere are the better for it because of his dramatic images.



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