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Boating books review: A grieving sailor’s voyage

Lifelong sailor Paul Heiney bought a Chuck Paine-designed Victoria 38 and set off on one of sailing’s greatest challenges. One Wild Song (Bloomsbury Publishing, $26) is his account of an 18,000-mile, mostly solo sail from England to Cape Horn and back.



Boating books review: New illustrated take on old whale tales

wreckIt’s well known that Herman Melville’s seminal novel Moby-Dick was inspired by a real-life disaster, which Nathaniel Philbrick details in his book In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whale Ship Essex.



Boating books review: Boat project morphs into detective story

rowdyMany sailors know well the legend of Rowdy, a 65-foot New York 40 launched in 1916.



Book reviews: Classics relaunched

20000Four beloved books have returned in distinctive republications that feature celebrity introductions.



The Boat Cookbook: Real Food for Hungry Sailors

From the galley

With 85 “fuss-free” recipes, detailed photographs and a colorful design, The Boat Cookbook: Real Food for Hungry Sailors (Bloomsbury Publishing, $19.99) is a feast for the tummy and the eyes. A food writer for some of Britain’s top newspapers and magazines, Fiona Sims has learned from some of the world’s top chefs. The idea for her book came after her sailor husband kept losing her hand-scribbled recipes for galley cooking. The book includes recipes for cooking meals on the hook, at sea and at home for taking aboard, as well as toddies for voyaging. There’s also a chapter on galley tools, with tips and advice learned from time spent aboard.

January 2015 issue


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