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Beating the Blowfish

Seize the day - and days ahead

"Beating the Blowfish" (Sheridan House, 2010, $19.95) is an autobiography by Emma Pontin, a young Londoner who rides the subways each day to a career in banking and seeks to quench a thirst for bluewater sailing.



Into my father's wake

A sailor's heartfelt autobiography

A New England sailor whose passion for sailing came from the father he both loved and hated has penned and self-published a reflective autobiography that chronicles his battles with his dad, his own addiction and the ultimate resolution he found on the water.



The many lives of Aphrodite

An enduring classic commuter yacht

Alan Dinn, the grandson of Purdy Boat Company founder Ned Purdy has written a detailed history of the commuter yacht Aphrodite built when his great-uncle Gil Purdy presided over the boatbuilder.



The twelve metre class

Coffee-table treatment for 12 Meters

Sloops in the 12 Meter Class played a significant role in the development of yachting in the 20th century. Large, graceful yachts with good racing speed and large crews, they were created by some of the world's best designers of the time.



Passage to Nirvana

A sailing story of hope and recovery

It's a memoir about a husband and father trying to walk the tightrope of modern life - until he's hit by a car, suffers a traumatic brain injury and his life unravels. It's tough reading, until his recovery leads him to a worn-out 25-year-old 60-foot sailing ketch the practicing Zen Buddhist-turned-sailor named Nirvana.



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