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Passage to Nirvana

A sailing story of hope and recovery

It's a memoir about a husband and father trying to walk the tightrope of modern life - until he's hit by a car, suffers a traumatic brain injury and his life unravels. It's tough reading, until his recovery leads him to a worn-out 25-year-old 60-foot sailing ketch the practicing Zen Buddhist-turned-sailor named Nirvana.



Mariette & the Herreshoff Schooners

Ode to an active Herreshoff schooner

An impressive box-set publication, dedicated to one of the storied chapters in yachting's Golden Age, is available for the holidays.

"Mariette & the Herreshoff Schooners" ($295, LTYachting Editions, 2010) by Jacques Taglang and Claas van der Linde is a two-volume, 534-page collection featuring stunning photography of the ornate beauty launched in 1916 and one of the last "cathedrals of American yachting."



Doctor on board

Handbook for medical needs at sea

Whether on coastal waters or the open sea, any medical crisis aboard a boat is far more challenging than on land. Self-sufficiency and swift, efficient action could be necessary before any help can arrive.




On board the bark Eagle

Boaters don't need to enlist to experience being aboard Coast Guard tall ship Eagle. They can experience it from the comfort of their living room.



Cape Cod Surprise: Oliver Matches Wits with Hurricane Carol

Reliving the past

For fans of "Oliver's Surprise," a nautical tale of a young boy who gets transported back in time to the infamous Hurricane of 1938, a sequel has been published, this time about Hurricane Carol in 1954.

"Cape Cod Surprise: Oliver Matches Wits with Hurricane Carol" ($9.95, GemmaMedia, 2010) by Olympic sailor Carol Newman Cronin has Oliver once again on the schooner Surprise, this time battling the elements and using all of his skills to get back to his own time.



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