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Thrifty adventure

C08.BUCKING.TIDEIn a time of cutbacks and economic strife, "Bucking the Tide: Making Do and Discovering the Wild New England and Fundy Coast in a $400 Yacht" ($19, Eastworks Publications, 2010) by David Buckman proves very useful to the resourceful boater.



The quest for the coveted Cup

C08.AMERICA'S-CUPAny avid fan of competitive sailing will enjoy "America's Cup: Trials and Triumphs" ($19.99, The History Press, 2010) by Richard V. Simpson, which gives a concise history of the international struggles for possession of the most coveted prize in the sailing world.



"Red's Eats: World's Best Lobster Shack"

Chowing down at the best place around

People in Maine know the perfect place to go for some grub after a full day out on the water.
"Red's Eats: World's Best Lobster Shack" ($14.95, Down East, August 2010) by Virginia Wright and Debbie Gagnon Cronk explains what it is about this tiny eatery in Wiscasset, Maine, that makes people happily wait an hour or more for a lobster roll. The tiny eatery on U.S. Route 1 has been around since 1938 and many argue you're not a true Mainer until you've eaten at Red's.



"Without a Paddle: Racing Twelve Hundred Miles Around Florida by Sea Kayak"

Around Florida, by sea kayak

Some people buy a motorcycle when they have a midlife crisis. Warren Richey decided to kayak around Florida.

"Without a Paddle: Racing Twelve Hundred Miles Around Florida by Sea Kayak" ($24.99, St. Martins Press, 2010) by Richey discusses how he dealt with a divorce at age 50 by entering - and winning - the Ultimate Florida Challenge in 2006.



"Panama Paradise: A Tribute to Tropic Star Lodge"

An angler's paradise

In the early 1960s, Ray Smith cleared a spot of land out of the Darien jungle in Panama for one purpose: fishing.

"Panama Paradise: A Tribute to Tropic Star Lodge" ($95, The Derrydale Press, 2010) by Guy Harvey records the history of the lodge from its earliest beginnings to the present-day mammoth catches.



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