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Maintain and Improve Your Powerboat

The ultimate DIY

Don't want to pay someone else to fix something small on your vessel even if you're not sure how to fix it yourself? Paul Esterle's "Maintain and Improve Your Powerboat" ($24.95, McGraw-Hill Companies, 2009) offers 100 do-it-yourself ways to make your boat better than ever.



Storms and Wild Water

It was a dark and stormy night

Adventure and daring abound in "Storms and Wild Water," ($24.95, Sheridan House, 2009) by Dag Pike, who discusses what creates storms on the sea and recounts the experiences of the vessels that have been caught up in them.



Cruising the East Coast with Tom Neale

For readers who dream about cruising with Soundings technical editor Tom Neale,

comes "Cruising the East Coast with Tom Neale," a two-disc DVD set published by BoatU.S. for $29.95.




Sustainable Sailing: Go Green When You Cast Off

Soundings sailing editor Dieter Loibner has combined the best of his sailing wisdom with his passion for the environment.

The result is "Sustainable Sailing: Go Green When You Cast Off" ($24.95, Sheridan House Inc., 2009).



From pianos to powerboats

The young women in this picture have such bright smiles and they seem to be having such fun out on the lower Connecticut River in this handy-looking speedboat.

The image, however, belies the story behind it.

Times were tough in 1931. The stock market was down, unemployment up, the future uncertain. Some of America’s oldest, most dependable industries were under siege in a free-falling economy and changing society.



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