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Charting the course of a boating legacy

16_liveyankees_01The Sewall family of Bath, Maine, built and managed a fleet of more than 100 merchant deepwater square-rigged vessels in the late 1800s and dealt with everything from mutiny to shipwrecks during their voyages.



A fun book for young sailors

16_antipirate_01Nautical knowledge from how to make a paddle to fending off a shark can be found in "The Anti-Pirate Potato Cannon: And 101 Other Things for Young Mariners to Build, Try and Do on the Water" ($24.95, McGraw Hill, 2010) by David Seidman and Jeff Hemmel. The sturdy maroon hardcover provides indoor and outdoor activities that allow children (and adults, too) to get the most out of their experiences near and on the water.



The Mariner’s Book of Days 2011

B15.BOOK.OF.DAYS"The Mariner's Book of Days 2011" ($14.95, Sheridan House, Inc., 2010) by Peter H. Spectre is celebrating its 20th anniversary of bringing boaters their week-by-week dose of nautical fact, fiction and folklore.



Piracy Today

B16.PIRACY.TODAYWhile pirates in adventure tales are often daring and heroic, modern-day piracy is a very grave matter.



Thrifty adventure

C08.BUCKING.TIDEIn a time of cutbacks and economic strife, "Bucking the Tide: Making Do and Discovering the Wild New England and Fundy Coast in a $400 Yacht" ($19, Eastworks Publications, 2010) by David Buckman proves very useful to the resourceful boater.



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