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The Sea: An Anthology of Maritime Photography Since 1843

How does one encapsulate something as vast and amorphous as the ocean? One photo at a time.



Navigation Through the Ages

Compass through the ocean of time

Boaters can turn on their GPS these days and find out exactly where they are.



Red Water Blue Water Salt Water: a Novel about Sailing Away as A Family

Sailing as family time - There are those who worry that once they have a family, their dreams of cruising go out the window.

Not so for Todd Scantlebury. In the non-fiction book “Red Water Blue Water Salt Water: a Novel about Sailing Away as A Family” ($20.99, BookSurge Publishers, 2008) Scantlebury tells the tale of taking his wife and 6- and 9-year-old daughters through the Caribbean on a Catana 40 catamaran, sailing 7,000 miles in 2-1/2 years in the late 1990s.



Outrageous Yachts

A taste of extravagance

Who says you can’t have it all? “Outrageous Yachts” ($50, Vendome Press, 2009) by Jill Bobrow, Kenny Wooton and Dana Jinkins focuses on the majesty and excess of 21 vessels, including the famous (and now for sale) Maltese Falcon owned by Tom Perkins, former executive with Hewlett Packard and financier behind Genentech, Netscape and Google.



Whiskey Gulf

Suspense and intrigue fill “Whiskey Gulf” ($24.95, Vanguard Press, 2009) in the latest in the nautical suspense series by awarding-winning author Clyde Ford.

“Whiskey Gulf,” set in coastal British Columbia, features former Coast Guard officer-turned-maritime private investigator Charlie Noble with his friend, Raven, a former Navy SEAL diver from the Lummi Indian Nation.



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