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As Long As It’s Fun

Living the dream

When it comes to bluewater cruising, Lin and Larry Pardey are iconic figures for demonstrating that the dream is not only attainable but also can be affordable. As Long As It’s Fun: The Epic Voyages and Extraordinary Times of Lin and Larry Pardey, by marine journalist Herb McCormick, is a biography of the Pardeys documenting their adventures, their 48-year marriage and their cottage industry of sailing books and DVDs (Paradise Cay Publications, $18.95, paracay.com). The story is told through interviews with the couple and their family, friends and critics. After 200,000 voyaging miles, the Pardeys remain true to their mantra:

“Go simple, go small, go now.”


August 2014 issue


The Essential Knot Book for Boats

Knot know-how

Every mariner worth his or her salt has a few knots committed to memory. The Essential Knot Book for Boats, by Colin Jarman — an avid sailor who’s a professional marine photographer — can be an indispensable tool for those times when the memory fails (International Marine, $14 paperback, www.InternationalMarine.com). Now in its fourth edition, the book stands out with its blend of colorful diagrams and vivid photos of finished knots, bends, hitches, whippings and splices (44 in all). You also get dos and don’ts, information about rope materials and their properties, and suggestions about what’s best for the task.


August 2014 issue


Hinckley Yachts: An American Icon

Eight decades of Hinckley

Hinckley’s 85-year history of building finely crafted yachts is chronicled in Hinckley Yachts: An American Icon, (Rizzoli New York, $65). Nick Voulgaris III showcases the builder’s rich history from hand-crafted wooden sailboats launched in 1928 to the technologically advanced powerboats of today.



Dozier’s Waterway Guide Northern Edition

A guide by your side

Dozier’s Waterway Guide Northern Edition for many is indispensable for cruising the Atlantic coast from Cape May, N.J., to Maine, including the Hudson River, Long Island Sound and Cape Cod Bay.



The Other Side of the Ice:

Strong will required

An 8,500-mile voyage by an adventurous bluewater sailor evolves into a test of the skipper’s mettle and his family’s resolve in “The Other Side of the Ice: One Family’s Treacherous Journey Negotiating the Northwest Passage,” by Sprague Theobald (Smith Publicity, $18.93 hardcover on Amazon, $7.99 Kindle).



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