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Hawaiki Rising

Polynesian navigators

Sam Low’s fascination with the navigation skills of his Hawaiian ancestors resulted in his new book “Hawaiki Rising” (Island Heritage Publishing, $24.99 on Amazon). Despite Thor Heyerdahl’s hypothesis that Polynesians drifted with prevailing currents across the Pacific, Low believes they were skilled navigators. He sides with a group of nationalistic Hawaiians who sought to prove that in 1973 by mounting a 2,400-mile celestial-navigation voyage against winds and currents to Tahiti aboard the replica twin-hulled Polynesian voyaging canoe Hokule’a. The book is a collection of his research and experiences sailing aboard Hokule’a.

February 2014 issue


A Dream of Tall Ships

A museum is born 

Peter and Norma Stanford’s “A Dream of Tall Ships” (Sea History Press, $34.95) presents the story of how these New Yorkers in the 1960s became devoted to the idea of creating a maritime museum in Manhattan’s historic waterfront. The Stanfords secured old buildings in the Fulton Fish Market neighborhood to create the South Street Seaport Museum. The book recounts their struggle to preserve history as they built what is now a 12-block historic district on the site of the original port of New York City. The introduction is by maritime artist John Stobart.

February 2014 issue


Beer in the Bilges: Sailing Adventures in the South Pacific

A voyage to Polynesia

“Beer in the Bilges: Sailing Adventures in the South Pacific” is perhaps best described as a freewheeling chronicle of characters met while cruising (iUniverse, 370 pages, $14.90 on Amazon), written by sailing buddies Alan Boreham, Peter Jinks and Bob Rossiter.



Rough Passage to London: A Sea Captain’s Tale

High-seas drama

From what began as a research project on family history, former NBC News correspondent Robin Lloyd has crafted a rousing sea tale set on the North Atlantic in the 1800s.



Reckoning at Sea: Eye to Eye with a Gray Whale

A sailor’s nightmare

A year after a breaching gray whale landed on his 50-foot sailboat 60 miles off Mexico, Max Young has documented a voyage that ended in disaster.



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