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Island Stripers

Fishing with Capt. Al

Fishermen are known to be closemouthed with their hard-earned angling knowledge. Capt. Al Anderson, who runs charters out of Narragansett, R.I., aboard his 42-foot express fisherman, Prowler, recalls 45 years of fishing the waters off Block Island, R.I., in “Island Stripers: A Fisherman’s Guide to Block Island Bass” (www.Xlibris.com, $19.99).

The self-published book is a collection of insights, tips and knowledge about the science of fish and fishing, including tides, currents, seasonal runs and lures vs. live bait.

A 2012 inductee into the International Game Fish Association World Fishing Hall of Fame, Anderson has tagged nearly 60,000 game fish for science. Of course, 43,000 of those were striped bass.

October 2013 issue


A Swim: The Rhode Islander Who Refused to Drown

A tale of do or die

True stories often make for the best sea tales. Last summer, 51-year-old Rhode Island angler Joe Gross fell off his 23-foot powerboat without a life jacket and spent the next 11 hours treading water while creating a remarkable account of survival.



Deer Isle's Undefeated America's Cup Crews: Humble Heroes

From fishermen to sailing rock stars

As the America’s Cup returns this summer, a new book looks back at a glorious era in the sailing event’s long history.



The Voyage of Yankee Lady

Three boats, one voyage

In June 2000, Judith Silva and her husband, Jim, slipped the lines of their Pearson 28, Yankee Lady, and sailed Canadian and New England waters with two other retired couples in their own boats.



Once upon a Gypsy Moon

Professional man unhinged

“Once Upon a Gypsy Moon” is Michael Hurley’s memoir of the personal failure and loss that sent the lawyer-turned-charter captain-turned-author on a two-year offshore odyssey aboard a 30-year-old, 32-foot sloop named Gypsy Moon (Center Street, $19.99 hardcover, $8.99 e-book).



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