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Rough Passage to London: A Sea Captain’s Tale

High-seas drama

From what began as a research project on family history, former NBC News correspondent Robin Lloyd has crafted a rousing sea tale set on the North Atlantic in the 1800s.



Reckoning at Sea: Eye to Eye with a Gray Whale

A sailor’s nightmare

A year after a breaching gray whale landed on his 50-foot sailboat 60 miles off Mexico, Max Young has documented a voyage that ended in disaster.



Nautical Newport

Love letter to Newport

Marine photographer Onne van der Wal is considered one of the premier artists in his field. Born in Holland and raised largely in South Africa, van der Wal has made Newport, R.I., his home for years. His self-published photo book “Nautical Newport” is essentially a love letter to his adopted home.



Coyote Lost at Sea

Remembering a sailor-adventurer

Many of us feel a connection to the underdog, and solo sailor Mike Plant earned that connection during a career racing around the globe against some of the world’s top bluewater sailors. “Coyote Lost at Sea” (International Marine, $16.41, Amazon) written by Plant’s sister, Julia Plant, is the first comprehensive chronology of the charismatic latecomer who shook up a sport dominated by Europeans.

Viewed through the author’s eyes, her older brother transitions to a successful adventure sailor who circled the world alone three times before meeting his end in the Atlantic on his way to the start of the Vendee Globe race in 1992 at the age of 41. Plant’s Open 60, Coyote, was found with its keel bulb missing; his body was never recovered. Plant logged 100,000 nautical miles in an intense five-year span and left a legacy that people in the bluewater racing community still talk about.

October 2013 issue


Island Stripers

Fishing with Capt. Al

Fishermen are known to be closemouthed with their hard-earned angling knowledge. Capt. Al Anderson, who runs charters out of Narragansett, R.I., aboard his 42-foot express fisherman, Prowler, recalls 45 years of fishing the waters off Block Island, R.I., in “Island Stripers: A Fisherman’s Guide to Block Island Bass” (www.Xlibris.com, $19.99).

The self-published book is a collection of insights, tips and knowledge about the science of fish and fishing, including tides, currents, seasonal runs and lures vs. live bait.

A 2012 inductee into the International Game Fish Association World Fishing Hall of Fame, Anderson has tagged nearly 60,000 game fish for science. Of course, 43,000 of those were striped bass.

October 2013 issue


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