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Hostage: A Year at Gunpoint with Somali Pirates

Cruising nightmare: abducted by pirates

On Oct. 23, 2009, Paul and Rachel Chandler were abducted at gunpoint from their 38-foot cruising sailboat off the Seychelles.



Race France to France: Leave Antarctica to Starboard

A grueling account from a tough sailor

Rich Wilson is the second American sailor to finish the Vendee Globe, the non-stop solo race around the world.



Waterway Guide Northern 2012

A seasoned tour guide on board

“Waterway Guide Northern 2012” (Dozier Media Group, $39.95 spiral-bound, 552 pages) is the updated cruising companion for boaters exploring the Atlantic coast from Cape May, N.J., to Maine, as well as the Hudson River, Long Island Sound and Cape Cod Bay.



Striperman: Confessions & Secrets of a Commercial Pin-Hooker

A master anglercasts tales and tips

The tribe of striped bass anglers can be found all along the Atlantic coast, and those who know New Englander Sherwood Lincoln consider him to be among the best. “Striperman: Confessions & Secrets of a Commercial Pin-Hooker” (Shur-Bet, 2012, $19.95 paperback, 230 pages) is the story of his life chasing line-siders and the elusive 50-pounder.



A Sail of Two Idiots

Dreamers with a sense of humor

The familiar tale of a couple who dream of chucking the 9-to-5 lifestyle to go cruising is told with an insightful sense of humor in Renee D. Petrillo’s “A Sail of Two Idiots,” (International Marine, 2012, $12.16 paperback through Amazon, 304 pages).



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