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Gary Jobson An American Sailing Story

From champion to ambassador

Sailing has many legends and icons, but the face of the sport for the last three decades has been Gary Jobson.



Cape Horn to Starboard

A classic returns

The 1986 chronicle of a voyage from New York to San Francisco aboard a 32-foot boat by American sailor and author John Kretschmer was reissued with a new foreword and afterword by the author.



Understanding Marine Tech

Marine tech for dummies

John C. Payne is a sailor and a professional marine electrical engineer and surveyor. He knows what makes boats work and what makes them fail. The author of multiple books, including “Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible,” has two more entries in his “Understanding …” series.



Cruising Guides

Cruising guides for sailing to paradise

Cruising Guide Publications has updated two of its colorful 27-by-17-inch waterproof, spiral-bound guidebooks with the 30th edition of its “Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands” (2011-12, $31.95, 418 pages) and the 15th edition of the “Sailors Guide to the Windward Islands” (2011, $29.95, 432 pages).



Sound Rising

Long Island Sound and our nation’s history

Connecticut historian Richard Radune has penned a non-fiction account of the influence that Long Island Sound and its myriad harbors, coves and navigable rivers had on American history from 1750 to 1820.



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