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Are you ready for a 12-month season?

It's not always the onset of gales that makes seas unmanageable. Something as simple as a tide change can build a horror show.Every year, a few of us try it. November comes up so fast, with so much fishing we’d intended to do not done. So we decide to stretch the envelope a bit, hold tight in the slip a bit longer, resolving to go sniff out a few more codfish or prowl the beachfronts, up in the lee, the northerly blows no real threat as we jog out to intercept a few late-running bass and blues deep in month 12 before the weather sours in earnest.



Awestruck in autumn: giant tuna, sea herring

A bird blitz means there's sea herring, and that means big fish further up the food chain.“What the @#$%! was that?” I shout, half to myself and half to the bridge behind me, where Capt. Andy Dangelo’s head whips around, probably praying it’s me — his mate — and not a customer who’s buried a jig hook past the barb in my neck.



Autumn classic: the other bass

Zach HarveyEver since I wrestled my first double-header of 3-pound black sea bass off a jagged piece of rocky ledge well south and east of Newport, R.I., I’ve marveled at the relative lack of interest in the directed sea bass fishery.



Striper fishing the way it always should be

I have caught striped bass on flies, plugs, jigs, plastic baits, bucktails and natural baits — dead and alive — from squid to alewives to eels. I have taken them in skinny water and from 60 feet, chased them from boats, the sand, the rocks and on the flats. Casting, drifting, trolling, jigging and drowning bait on the bottom. I haven’t caught them kite fishing yet, but it’s in the back of my mind.



You'll get some hits with a reliable bucktail lure

Tim ColemanYou'll get some hits with a reliable bucktail lureA newcomer entering a tackle shop is often bewildered by all of the lures up on the pegboards. The task of buying something for your boat can be even more difficult when you want just a lure or two for the times when you decide to mix a little fishing with cruising, be it a weekend, a long-distance trip or from your sailboat at anchor.



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Tim Coleman

Tim Coleman died May 3, in Weekapaug, R.I., doing what he loved to do best at that time of year: scouting the salt ponds and outer beaches for spring striped bass. He was an exceptional saltwater angler and a prolific writer. Thousands of readers lost an advocate and authentic storyteller for fishing in the Northeast, and anyone fortunate to have known Tim lost a good friend.

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