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Catch trophy-sized fish hidden in wrecks

A few important steps can ensure that you don't lose any of your gear fishing an old sunken vessel

Shipwrecks, large or small, attract all types of marine life. The wreck of the old pleasure boat that didn't make it back, now lying in 35 feet of water about two miles outside the river mouth, can offer striped bass that call the structure a temporary home just like they do on the Shrewsbury Rocks off New Jersey or the Green Hill Reef off Rhode Island.

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Side-scan sonar for the Everyman

Every angler can become a little more perceptive with the newest line of high-tech side scanners

Tim ColemanMark Bertini of Big Coppitt Key, Fla., has one in his 27-foot Contender to find wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico near Key West. Capt. Joe Huckemeyer of Hyannis, Mass., has one in his 100-foot party boat, Helen H, to find rocks, wrecks and fishy lumps in Nantucket Sound.



A new opportunity arises in the Keys

Regulations on grouper are a downer, but the chance to drop a hook in some new places is a good one

My dear departed mom used to say the only thing permanent in our fast world is change. Well, fishermen heading to the Florida Keys this winter will have to deal with change in the form of new conservation measures the fishery powers say are necessary to conserve a dwindling supply of groupers.



Heading south is well worth the travel

It’s about time to flee the cold weather by hitching up your boat and heading to the Florida Keys

We were on the last cod trip of the year, 15 miles off Gloucester, Mass., in an open 26-footer. The sea was calm, the air very cool, the anglers all bundled up in hooded-this and heavy-that.



Angling for one last chance out there

You have a choice: either go with the flow, pull the boat and prepare for another l-o-n-g winter … or bundle up, watch the wind and squeeze another couple trips out of the season.

Up and down the Northeast coast, there are fishing opportunities as we approach Thanksgiving.

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Tim Coleman

Tim Coleman died May 3, in Weekapaug, R.I., doing what he loved to do best at that time of year: scouting the salt ponds and outer beaches for spring striped bass. He was an exceptional saltwater angler and a prolific writer. Thousands of readers lost an advocate and authentic storyteller for fishing in the Northeast, and anyone fortunate to have known Tim lost a good friend.