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New England Regional Fishing with Tim Coleman | Soundings Online Column

Fishing for mutton better than nothin'

If you're in the Florida Keys for the winter, remember the grouper closures and adjust accordingly

With first snow of a new winter already behind us, the snowbirds have already or will soon start leaving the ever-colder Northeast for winter berths in the Florida Keys. Many of them have their boats in tow. Recession or not, they are going fishing.



Plenty of reasons to extend the season

Falling leaves outside our windows tell us another season is about to end. Some boats are already away, others are on their way south, ready to begin the southern leg of a 12-month fishing year. And a third category looks to get in one or two more trips before the inevitable curtain call.



Scouring the ocean bottom for ‘spots’

06_fishingThat bountiful trip on a party boat only comes after hours of preparation by the captain



The catch is better late than never

coleman_timWhile others are pulling their boats out, savvy anglers are eyeing the best days of late summer



Dusk and dawn are an angler’s paradise

coleman_timSummertime is the right time for fishing in the wee hours, when seas are calm and fish are hungry



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Tim Coleman

Tim Coleman died May 3, in Weekapaug, R.I., doing what he loved to do best at that time of year: scouting the salt ponds and outer beaches for spring striped bass. He was an exceptional saltwater angler and a prolific writer. Thousands of readers lost an advocate and authentic storyteller for fishing in the Northeast, and anyone fortunate to have known Tim lost a good friend.


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