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New England Regional Fishing with Tim Coleman | Soundings Online Column

The catch is better late than never

coleman_timWhile others are pulling their boats out, savvy anglers are eyeing the best days of late summer



Dusk and dawn are an angler’s paradise

coleman_timSummertime is the right time for fishing in the wee hours, when seas are calm and fish are hungry



Summertime is the right time for fluking

Because fluke bite during the day, they're ideal for taking family out on the bay or ocean

A bucktail jig is rigged with an extra hook in back used to hold a whole, small squid in a straight natural position.They often cross paths on a sunny summer Saturday: the striper angler, up with the owls to get live bait, is returning to the ramp or marina at midmorning, his day over. The fluke angler, on the other hand, slept in, enjoyed a good breakfast and is on his way out, savoring one of the benefits of chasing the summer flounder: they bite well during the middle of a sunny day.



Choice of saltwater lures can be daunting

Here's a guide to the many options that await as you pick up speed and experience on the water

If you're like a lot of boaters, you have limited funds to enjoy your days on the water. In addition to normal boat expenses, fishermen must also decide just what lures they need - sometimes a daunting challenge to those new to the sport, given the walls of fish foolers on peg boards available for sale in most tackle shops.



Long-run days add zest to the season

Going 60 miles offshore can help snag a big catch and lift the spirits, but it's not for newcomers

The speed of today's fishing machines opens up the possibility of reaching spots previously thought too far away for one day. It's now possible to run 60 or more miles, get in some often great fishing, then run home - all before the clock ticks over into a new morning.



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Tim Coleman

Tim Coleman died May 3, in Weekapaug, R.I., doing what he loved to do best at that time of year: scouting the salt ponds and outer beaches for spring striped bass. He was an exceptional saltwater angler and a prolific writer. Thousands of readers lost an advocate and authentic storyteller for fishing in the Northeast, and anyone fortunate to have known Tim lost a good friend.


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