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Underway Column Editorial by Editor Bill Sisson | Soundings Online Column

Change is in the air, and not just the seasonal type

At last, change - and a whiff of spring - are in the air.

For the last 2-1/2 years the marine industry, like the broad economy, has been struggling with recession and downsizing and change. Companies have disappeared. So have some brands. Others have changed hands. And more failures are likely to occur as businesses continue to right-size to fit reduced demand.

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An elegant solution for unwinding complexity

Veteran offshore sailor and boatyard owner Phin Sprague Jr. sees a close relationship between solving geometry problems and well-designed, properly installed boat systems.



The balancing act

The balancing act between complexity and simplicity

When it comes to boats, we seem to go out of our way to make things more complicated than they need to be.



Heroism shines through in the worst conditions

It's hard to imagine trying to conduct a rescue under much worse conditions. Hurricane-force winds, gusting to 100 knots. Temperatures a nail-popping minus 20 F. Snow falling in heavy, swirling curtains. Seas running to 12 feet. Freezing spray. A January darkness nearly impenetrable, even with powerful searchlights.

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Crooning under a rare twilight glow

Fall is a small-batch bourbon. Fleeting, bittersweet, aromatic. It's the best season. Autumn offers a bit of everything for those who linger on the water before it officially exits on Dec. 21, the winter solstice, effectively slamming the door until spring.



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William Sisson, Editor

A 1981 Phi Beta Kappa journalism graduate, Bill has been writing about boats for more than two decades. His boating travels have taken him from the Persian Gulf to the Baltic Sea, and always back home to Little Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. As editor, Bill is responsible for planning and executing the publication's boating coverage each month, and his Under Way column starts each issue. Bill has been with Soundings for 20 years and in 1997 won the Moulton H. "Monk" Farnham Award for Excellence in Editorial Commentary.


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