The Master's Series

The Soundings Master's series was designed to tackle real boating issues and concerns that are of special interest to recreational boaters. Each publication will be a valuable tool for all of the students who take part in your courses.

For this special USCG Auxiliary Edition of Seamanship & Safety, click here

Our new 80-page Seamanship & Safety digital digest outlines tactics, strategies, and advice to get you, your crew and your boat safely back to the dock.

Additional Master Series Publications

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101 Answers to your Toughest Boating Questions

A 72-page hardcover digest that answers the most difficult, real-world boating questions on subjects like seamanship, boat handling and electronics, safety, emergencies, fuel systems, navigation and more.

How to Buy a New
or Used Boat

Whether you're searching for a powerboat or a sailboat, a large boat or one sitting on a trailer in somebody's driveway, this hardcover booklet is designed to help you make the best possible decision.

To purchase these editions, please contact Claire Brayfield at our main office in Essex; (800) 444-7686 ext. 238 or c.brayfield@soundingspub.com
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