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VIDEO: Delicate rescue in Northern Ireland

The coast guard in Northern Ireland recently rescued a sailor in dramatic fashion as his boat smashed against rocks on the country’s northeast coast.

Dangling from a helicopter, the rescuer was unable to land on the flailing boat's foredeck, so he was dropped into the water near the rocks. He swam to the sailboat and was able to board the vessel, where he secured the sailor to a winch before the chopper lifted the pair to safety. The sailor was unharmed.

Click play to watch the rescue unfold.

The boat was hard aground on the County Down coast near Ballywalter. The Bangor Coastguard unit made the rescue, which occurred in mid-September.

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2 Tuesday, 20 September 2011 21:59
mike taylor
with 2 guys clearly standing on the beach a short distance away and no breaking waves, why didn;t the sailor just lower himself over the side and make it to the beach? Another waste of valuable assets when there is clearly an easy alternative.
1 Tuesday, 20 September 2011 21:39
terry thielen
how the heck did the sailor end up on the rocks??? couldn't he motor off? jeez .... brave rescuers!
fbtwit yt

Great Gear,