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VIDEO: Force 10 sea trial

Looking for a visual example of seaworthiness?

These two videos of Interceptor 55 pilot/patrol boats running in wind and seas described by builder Safehaven Marine as Force 10 and Force 11 are good examples of well-found, all-weather vessels handling what can modestly be described as boisterous conditions.

The footage of the 16-meter pilot boats was taken during winters off Cork, Ireland.

Click play to watch Pathfinder in Force 10 seas.

Click play to watch an Interceptor 55 in Force 11 seas.

What are the elements of a seaworthy boat? They are smartly designed, well-built and resistant to capsizing and sinking. They have reliable power, are capable of relatively high speeds in rough water, have good steering control and the ability to accelerate quickly, and more. Look for a special report on seamanship and safety in the July issue of Soundings.

Pilot boats, of course, are among the most seaworthy craft you’ll find on coastal waters. In this country, C. Raymond Hunt Associates designs a line of a rugged, fast, deep-vee pilot boats.

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4 Wednesday, 04 September 2013 15:45
Mike Jefferson
Comment to Bill Miller: I have a 20' (Hunt) Bertram Moppie which is used for commuter work to and from my cottage on Georgian Bay. I have been with boats for 56 years now and would unhesitatingly say that it is the best hull design I have ever been in/owned. The 'control' these boats exert on the water is uncanny. I have seen video of the Gladding-Hearn pilots and they ride like mine. This hull design was proven over and over in ocean racing from the 1960's on. The Safe Haven boats appear to do well, but there seems to be a lot of wallowing. I'd appreciate your professional comments on what you notice about them - as opposed to the G-H pilots. -Mike
3 Friday, 11 May 2012 15:22
I prefer a little chop on the water like this to disguise my baits when I go trolling.
2 Friday, 11 May 2012 00:53
I can't believe how little roll it exibited. It has to be gyrostablized.
1 Thursday, 10 May 2012 19:51
Bill Miller
After having worked for the Virginia Pilots for 18 years I can honestly say that the Hunt design pilot boats are superior especially when built by Gladding - Hearn Shipbuilding in MA. The Haulmatic pilot boats (which I believe to be in these videos) cannot compare in my opinion.
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Great Gear,